Christmas Gift Guides for Creatives

It's no secret that I love to create. I've been crafting and creating for as long as I can remember and I love trying out new techniques and using new supplies and digging into kits to learn new skills. I thought I would put my thinking cap on and put together a Christmas gift guide that you can use when you are buying for those creative people in your life. This guide will at least get you started so you can get pointed in the right direction. You will find gifts in all price ranges {however most are under $20} for all ages and skill levels. 

Gift Guide for Creative People

The Silhouette Cameo has been a crafting game changer for me. I love being able to use this machine to cut vinyl for shirts, signs, decals and more. It's also an amazing machine with fantastic design software. This isn't an inexpensive purchase, but if you have a creative person on your hands, they will find 6004 different ways to use this machine. From cutting fondant for cake decorating to making custom anything, this machine is the ultimate gift.

Take your love of tie dye to a whole new level and give this Tulip 18 color tie dye kit as a gift. I hosted a tie dye party and restyled a plain white t-shirt into 6 different styles in case you needed a little inspiration. 

I have always wanted to try needle felting and I even bought a kit. I just haven't gotten around to it yet. I love giving kits as gifts because they can teach a new skill and provides all the materials you need. Needle felting is a fun and inexpensive kit to give to teach a new skill. When I first started blogging in 2010, I had a friend post a tutorial on how to create a needle felted pumpkin if you want to try that after you perfect the fox.

Weaving is hot this year as a design trend but it's a skill that isn't going away anytime soon! What a great way to give it a try with this Martha Stewart weaving kit for beginners. 

If we are talking about being creative, especially for the younger kids, I can't go without mentioning Legos. This is a fantastic Lego Chain Reactions Kit that allows you to build 10 different moving machines.

Budding artists will love to try this watercolor kit that includes everything a beginner needs to get started. Watercolor is a fun skill to learn that can be used on note cards, canvases and more.

These Tombow dual tip brush pens are my absolute favorite! You can use them when you color in your favorite coloring book, when you illustrate your Bible, or when you create brush lettering. They are the perfect pen for whatever you need.

I love creating wearable art in the form of jewelry. With this jewelry making tool kit you have all the supplies you need to get started creating your own jewelry.


Books for Creative People

I love the coloring book trend. It can stay around for as long as it likes because it now makes it socially acceptable to color no matter how old you are. The Color Kitchen isn't just a coloring book, it's also a recipe book which makes it the perfect gift for just about anyone on your list.

I know I mentioned purchasing a Silhouette machine above, so what if someone already has a machine? Gift them with this Ultimate Silhouette Users Guide Bundle. These books are the Silhouette users Bible. There is a little bit of a learning curve to figure out how to use your machine so inspire them with this set of books. Find the bundle here. 
Speaking of Bibles, I love my journaling Bible. If you know someone who wants to get started this Bible makes a great gift.
I love Duct tape. I have used it to make countless projects and it's kept my tweens and teens busy for hours creating. Give a few rolls along with this Duct Tape Bags book and just wait to see what gets created!

I still have a paper calendar. I love to see what my day holds for me. I won a Hello Life planner when I was at a blog conference and I love it! You can have your week or your month at a glance and there is space for being as creative as you want. Your calendar becomes your yearly journal that you can look back on. 
I love the hand lettering trend. It's a skill that requires practice and this Hand Lettering 101 book provides just that. You are introduced to the art of hand lettering and will have plenty of space to practice your skills. 

Of course, you can never go wrong giving a creative a gift card to a local craft store. There are probably supplies or tools that your creative would love to add to their collection.  Still looking for more ideas? Check out this gift guide for creatives from last year
Are you a creative? What's on your Christmas list this year? I would love to know!

disclaimer: this post may have affiliate links. By clicking on them and purchasing through them, I may receive a small commission. These small purchases help me to continue to keep writing content and creating at Rachel Teodoro. Thank you!

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