Lighted Christmas Tree Truck

I love to decorate for Christmas and it seems like every year I make something new to have around the home. This year, I think the Target One Spot out did themselves providing some pretty awesome blank surfaces and cheap goodies to decorate and craft with. I walked around picking up just about one of everything including a blank wooden charger and some battery powered lights that were $3 each. I knew exactly what I was going to do with them and couldn't wait to start creating with my Silhouette. I keep a stash of vinyl on hand at home so I had everything I needed to get started. Come see how I made it and how you can make your own too! I'm also joining in with some other creative Silhouette creators so you will find plenty of holiday inspiration you can whip up and craft yourself all right here!

I am a huge fan of the old red truck. I can totally see myself with one some day hauling around Christmas trees or all my fun garage sale finds in the back. Yep, probably all my garage sale finds. I actually found this file in the Silhouette store for $1 and think that it was totally worth it.

I got a little bit ahead of myself and didn't really take any step by step photos of the vinyl process. I don't know why it scared me, but for years I've been a little nervous to try layering vinyl. I don't know why it intimidated me because it really is quite easy! I started out with red vinyl and then layered the black on top. It was really easy. You just have to make sure that you keep track of the various colors of vinyl you are using so that you can cut the separate pieces out as needed. If you need some help getting started with vinyl, I have this tutorial that can help you. 

I wanted the writing on the bottom to follow the curve of the wooden charger so I made a circle and put the writing inside the curve.  This technique has a little bit of a learning curve, but once you've done it once or twice, it's pretty darn easy to do.

I cut out two trees in my truck bed mostly because I screwed up the first one and needed to fix my mistake. Yep, that happens. I think I like it. I counted the lights on my strand {there were 10} and added 10 small dots in pen where I wanted the lights to be. My husband tried to talk some sense into me and questioned why I would put lights on a tree that was in the back of a truck, but sometimes cute things can't be rationalized. He drilled the holes for me. You may have to hold down your vinyl to make sure the drill doesn't pull it up. Just watch your finger!

Not everyone will have a countersink drill bit, but for some reason we do. This step is totally optional but it did help hold the lights down in the back of the plate. They really aren't that expensive so you may want to add them to your Christmas list.

Start putting your lights in your holes and tape them in place. The back will look like a real mess but that's OK because it's the back. You may even want to tape the battery pack down to the back too so that it's out of the way.

Now you are ready to put your lighted Christmas truck on display.

holiday, layered vinyl,

I used a very sturdy plate stand. There are several different kinds {this one may be better}, but like for most projects, I used what I had.  The plate stand that I got from the Dollar Store did not work. The battery pack is pretty heavy and pulls the plate right off. You could also just prop up your truck against something too.

holiday, vinyl

If you want to make your truck even more personalized, you could even add your family name to the side of the trucks door. How cute would that be? I just love how this turned out and am excited to add the lighted Christmas truck to my holiday decorations.


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Doodle T said...

Love the Target Bin this year and your fabulous use of the wood charger...the battery lights are genius. I love it!

Unknown said...

I love it! So cute, the lights are great!

Michelle James said...

OMG I am in love with this project. I love anything that lights up and this is just brilliant! You did an amazing job.

Kati said...

I love the red truck too! This turned out awesome, and I agree, the cuteness couldn't be rationalized. The lights are awesome!

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