Create the Perfect Summer Snack Cart

During the summer my teenagers eat like they did when they were newborns. You know, every two hours. It's a constant struggle to keep the refrigerator and the pantry stocked with enough food. But I don't want them grabbing just anything, and I don't want to hover and monitor what they are putting in their mouths every second either. The goal is to launch them into this world in just a few short years for goodness sake! It's my job as a mama to steer them in the right direction making good food choices, so I came up with a solution that works for all of us. I set up a summer snack cart. I kind of learned this little trick several years ago when my kids were much younger and coming home from elementary school starving. I would have a prepared fruit or veggie platter out for them when they walked in the door and it was like a magnet. The same is true of this summer snack cart. I've filled it with healthy snacks that will keep them energized and fueled up for their active summer lifestyles and the snacks are things I feel good about them grabbing throughout the whole day. Come check out how I put together the perfect summer snack cart.

summer snacking for kids

Create the Perfect Summer Snack Cart

Find the perfect location for your snacks

I have a fun summer beverage cart that has turned into our summer snack cart. I can wheel it around the back yard {or wherever the fun is}, and the kids know this is where the food is at. They don't have to ask for permission to eat these treats, they are all fair game. Just make sure you have your snack cart in an obvious easy to reach location that's out of the way of pets {or pesky birds!} who might also like to snack.

Replenish often

The key to making a snack cart work is to make sure you are replenishing your snacks often. And by often, I mean, once a day. In the morning I wash the fruit and load up the snacks adding anything that's been wiped out the day before. I add new cups, fresh water and anything else that might need a refresh. 

summer snacking for kids

Pick grab and go snacks

As a mom, I want to encourage a healthy lifestyle for my kids and I want them to be able to grab and go the snacks they need so they don't need to slow down too much! I love these new LesserEvil Paleo Puff snacks because they are organic certified, grain-free, non-GMO verified, and really, just an all around cleaner choice for our family.  They are nutrient-dense puffs that don't sacrifice flavor. My favorite is the "no cheese" cheesiness. All of the Paleo Puffs come in snack sizes so you can fill up a snack bucket and your kids can grab and go!

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summer snack cart for kids

Pick the right snacks

Notice, not a single one of the snacks I've got on the summer snack cart requires any preparation other than washing. I want to encourage independence in the kitchen, but man, these kids can be messy, and if I'm honest, I don't want to create more work for myself. 

Make it fun

Decorate your cart with these hand-painted cactus rocks, add fun treat bags and containers to make snacking easy and change things up from time to time. Add a new fun fizzy water one day, try a new flavor of Paleo Puffs, or slice up a new fruit to try {star fruit is fun!}. Keep things fun and interesting so your kids are always checking your summer snack cart first.

summer snack cart for kids

I promise you, your kids are going to love this summer snack cart and you won't feel quite as frazzled with the never ending questions of "what can I eat?" Your kids will automatically know they can head to the summer snack cart and load up on healthy wholesome snacks that will keep them fueled all summer long!

summer snacks for kids

disclaimer: this post is brought to you by LesserEvil Snacks. All opinions are 100% my own. I wouldn't tell you about something I didn't love. Promise.


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