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Letters from camp guest post at Design Dazzle

Today I am hanging out as a camp counselor at Design Dazzle's 4th summer camp series.


You can get this free letter from camp printable.
Find me here.


Two are Better than One bake sale printable

As part of the walk for water that our family participated in last month,
the kids had a bake sale.
I baked several dozen cookies and packaged them up with these bag toppers that I designed in my Silhouette software.
I'm pretty sure that this verse in Ecclesiastes can refer to cookies too.
 Because we all know that two cookies are better than one cookie.

You should be able to right click on this image, save it to your computer and print it.
Use the purple lines as a guide for cutting.
The toppers will fit on a Ziploc sandwich bag.
Please use this for personal use only.

Once you print out your image, cut it out and staple it on your bag.
You can use these toppers as food tents as well.

Have a great bake sale! 


My extraordinary kids-a glimpse inside what makes them special

I have been blessed with three beautiful children,  
each made uniquely extraordinary by some amazing characteristics and personality traits.

My son Aidan is an amazing musician.
He picked up a guitar at the age of six. 
 He moved on to playing the clarinet when he was in fifth grade 

and with mom and dad dragging our feet,
he moved on to the drum kit.

Aidan has always been a deep thinker.
When you think he isn't paying attention, his look of disinterest is usually just him thinking and processing.
When Aidan was three, he questioned why we hadn't taught him to read yet.
Once he learned how to read, he devoured every book in site!
Usually a passion for a subject led to further investigation until he learned all he needed to know,
and then he moved on.

Now that Aidan is 15, having conversations with him has turned from explaining things to his inquiring mind, to learning from him and listening to his insights.  He knows far more about politics and government then I could ever know! 

Aidan can talk you around in circles and debate for hours.
He makes some of the best arguments, and I hope that one day, he has the opportunity to use those gifts as a productive member of society and not just to drive his parents nuts!

Isabella is one of the sweetest most caring 12 year olds I know.

She adores animals of all shapes and sizes and she can often be found being chased by a gaggle of toddler girls at any family function.  She will make the best babysitter {and mom} one day with the nurturing fun way that she engages children with crafts and games that she plans and initiates.

Isabella has more creativity in her than I have in my pinky finger!
{watch out world!}
Give her a pile of pop tabs and she creates a fish sculpture.

When she found out I was going to Africa to spend time in the community that our church sponsors,
she set right to work at creating little purse pouches for the girls.  She knew that the girls would want something of their own to have and treasure.

Isabella is a loyal friend and loves fully with her whole heart.

Isabella is always the first to sign up to help,
she works without complaining and has the most giving selfless heart of anyone I know.

 Eight year old Owen is the baby of the family.
He's always done his best to keep up with his older siblings.

He learned how to ride a two wheeler when he was only three, he's been rock climbing since he could walk,  he can swim like a fish, and this year he joined the unicycle team at school.
Last summer when we congratulated him on learning how to water ski, 
he corrected us and said, "I didn't learn, I just did it."

Owen is daring and adventurous.
He didn't even think twice about jumping off of this 25 foot cliff in Hawaii.

Owen loves his puppy and from the moment we adopted Sophie, 
the two have played like liter mates!
Tell Owen we are going on a six mile hike and he throws his shoes on and grabs his camelback.

Owen enjoys life to the fullest! 
His giggle is contagious and his out of the box thinking stops me in my tracks.
It's a pleasure to live life with this guy.

Spend an afternoon with my kids and you will discover some of the very traits that I have described.
But it's not just the big stuff that makes them extraordinary, it's the little things that I get to experience every day that make my mom heart happy.
Like when Owen slips into my bed in the morning for extra snuggles and squeezes my hand three times to say "I love you",
or when Isabella leaves a love note for us around the house knowing that we will stumble upon it,
or when Aidan, my nearly grown man child, leans his head on my shoulder when we are watching a movie.

When my kids were little, I heard the saying "the days are long, but the years are short," and that couldn't be more true!  I can't believe how quickly the time flies by! Every day my kids delight me and I try to take a moment to pick out those extraordinary moments.

With the help of Stanford Children's Health, I created a short video for each of my kids to celebrate how extraordinary they are!

I know your kids are extraordinary too!  Show them how special they are by making a special video of your own!
I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Disney Frozen printable

My kids have only seen Disney's Frozen movie once or twice, 
but that doesn't stop them from getting the songs from Frozen stuck in their heads!
I know we aren't the only ones singing the catchy tunes from the soundtrack, 
which is why I wanted to share with you this free printable.

Just right click on the image, save it to your computer and print it.
Easy as that!
As always, all free printables offered on my site are for personal use only.

Patriotically painted mason jars

I am attracted to mason jars like a moth to a flame.
I have quite the collection of jars and needed to start coming up with projects to do with them besides canning.  

I love putting cut flowers in mason jars, so I thought self, how awesome would a painted mason jar with cut flowers be?  Actually, I know I'm not the first person to come up with this idea,
 but in case you live in a cave,
this is my version of the painted flag mason jars.

I started by finding three of the same sized mason jars in my collection.

I spray painted them white and was actually quite impressed with how well the spray paint adhered to the jars.  Keep your eyes peeled, there may be more spray painted mason jar projects.

These are the supplies I used in this project.
I wouldn't recommend the foam star stickers that I used.  They didn't peel off the jars well, though I have read other tutorials where they had great luck with stickers as a stencil.
I used American acrylic paint and frog tape to make shape crisp lines.
Oh, and a brush.
You will need a paint brush for a painting project.

If you are using stickers, this is when you put them on.
Again, my garage sale free box stickers did not work for me.
Maybe stay away from the foam kind?
Just a suggestion.

It's self explanatory, but paint your jars.
I used about twenty three coats of blue.
No exaggeration.
I literally left the project out on my counter and came back to it every five minutes between cleaning and errands.  Super fun, right?
Which is why I am thinking there will be more spray painting projects in my near future.

Because the stickers didn't work,
I hand painted stars on my jar.

Fill your jars with half dead flowers from your anniversary a week ago and you are set!
Next time, I will probably put something not quite so dead inside of the jars,
but hey, I used what I had.

I think these would be great at a BBQ holding silverware, or as a table centerpiece with flowers.
 Fresh flowers.
Be classy...unlike me.

Custom organza fabric bag with wax paper transfer tutorial

I was sent these white organza bags from Ribbons.com to craft with and thought I would try to spice them up a bit.  Plain bags are awesome, but having the option to print your own custom information or image on them makes them even better, don't you think?

There is a large selection of plain bags and pouches to choose from at Paper Mart {ribbons.com's sister company} and they are all relatively inexpensive.  And by inexpensive I mean each bag is less than a quarter!
{and many are cheaper than a dime!}

Here are a few of the custom fabric bags I made up in under 15 minutes.

I used the wax paper transfer method to print an image from my inkjet printer.
You cannot use a laser jet printer because your ink will not come out wet enough to transfer.
You can see another tutorial for wax paper transfer here.

You will start by cutting your piece of wax paper down to 8 1/2" x 11".
I was able to have this piece of wax paper run through my printer by itself,
but it does sometimes have the tendency to bunch up, so if you need to,
use spray adhesive and adhere your wax paper to a piece of paper and feed that through your printer.
It will be a much smoother process.

I found an image that I liked for my tooth fairy pouches and printed them off on to the wax paper.
*Don't forget, your image will come out in reverse, so if you are using text remember to mirror your image*

Because I printed multiple images on my paper
{I hate to waste paper}
I cut out each image leaving enough space around your image to work with.
I placed the image ink side down onto my bag and used my finger to firmly transfer my image onto the bag.

I love how these tooth fairy pouches came out!

Your child can leave a note and their tooth for the tooth fairy,
or this can be the gift 
{with money of course!}
that the tooth fairy leaves.

 I know wedding season is coming up.
These would be the perfect wedding favors customized in your wedding colors and with your own logo or initials.

The possibilities of things that you could fill these with are endless, but the savings on this DIY wedding project would be huge!

Or a bag for a friend just because.

 Make a wish!
The perfect gift card holder.
Or if you fill it with something heavy, this could weight a balloon bouquet down.

My favorite, is still the tooth fairy pouch.
Add a little glitter and your child will think that it's magical!

So what are you waiting for?
Go order a few bags {or ribbon} and start playing!

Garage Sale Finds Friday

Welcome back to another week of garage sale finds Friday,
where I share with you my favorite garage sale finds from the week.
First up is this awesome pair of vintage ski's.
The guy I bought them from said they were 90 years old,
though I'm not quite sure about that.
They have metal bindings and are the longest piece of hickory wood you have ever seen!
I paid $5 for the pair and wish I had bought both pairs they had.
I'm thinking I want to put some pegs on them and make them into a coat rack.
Pretty rad right?!

I have been looking for metal trucks but am usually priced out when I see them.
I picked up this John Deere tractor for $2.
It's not in the best shape, but I think it would be fun in the garden with a few succulents planted inside.

And finally, I picked up these four pieces of vintage pyrex.
All with lids still in tact.
I paid $5 for all of them.
I just love the colors, even though they are a little faded.

That's what I picked up.
Did you find anything awesome this week?
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