Custom organza fabric bag with wax paper transfer tutorial

I was sent these white organza bags from to craft with and thought I would try to spice them up a bit.  Plain bags are awesome, but having the option to print your own custom information or image on them makes them even better, don't you think?

There is a large selection of plain bags and pouches to choose from at Paper Mart {'s sister company} and they are all relatively inexpensive.  And by inexpensive I mean each bag is less than a quarter!
{and many are cheaper than a dime!}

Here are a few of the custom fabric bags I made up in under 15 minutes.

I used the wax paper transfer method to print an image from my inkjet printer.
You cannot use a laser jet printer because your ink will not come out wet enough to transfer.
You can see another tutorial for wax paper transfer here.

You will start by cutting your piece of wax paper down to 8 1/2" x 11".
I was able to have this piece of wax paper run through my printer by itself,
but it does sometimes have the tendency to bunch up, so if you need to,
use spray adhesive and adhere your wax paper to a piece of paper and feed that through your printer.
It will be a much smoother process.

I found an image that I liked for my tooth fairy pouches and printed them off on to the wax paper.
*Don't forget, your image will come out in reverse, so if you are using text remember to mirror your image*

Because I printed multiple images on my paper
{I hate to waste paper}
I cut out each image leaving enough space around your image to work with.
I placed the image ink side down onto my bag and used my finger to firmly transfer my image onto the bag.

I love how these tooth fairy pouches came out!

Your child can leave a note and their tooth for the tooth fairy,
or this can be the gift 
{with money of course!}
that the tooth fairy leaves.

 I know wedding season is coming up.
These would be the perfect wedding favors customized in your wedding colors and with your own logo or initials.

The possibilities of things that you could fill these with are endless, but the savings on this DIY wedding project would be huge!

Or a bag for a friend just because.

 Make a wish!
The perfect gift card holder.
Or if you fill it with something heavy, this could weight a balloon bouquet down.

My favorite, is still the tooth fairy pouch.
Add a little glitter and your child will think that it's magical!

So what are you waiting for?
Go order a few bags {or ribbon} and start playing!

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