10 annoying phrases your kids say that you wish they didn't

From the moment I became a mom nearly 16 years ago, 
I couldn't wait for my son to look up at me and say "mama".
I must confess, it was adorable.  It melted my heart and I cherish that memory.

It doesn't take long though for that cute utterance of "mama" to turn into a whining "mooooom" or "mom, mom, mom, mom, mommmmm" said over and over again from the backseat of the car or while that cute adorable toddler is tugging your leg while you have a conversation with a friend or an acquaintance or any person for that matter just so you can have two seconds to talk with an adult during your day. There is something maddening about the sound of your name being uttered over and over again for no apparent reason.

Which is why "Mom..." takes the top spot in the top 10 annoying phrases kids say.

2. "I can't find the..." I don't know what it is, but for some reason my kids {and perhaps yours too} are the worst lookers in the whole world.  My 15 year old son will be standing in front of the fridge saying "I can't find the chicken from last night" while the Tupperware with the chicken in it is literally right in front of his face.

My daughter will be looking in the craft closet for glue for 20 minutes, all while taking out every.single.item in the closet never finding the glue but making a huge mess in the process.  She will call for me saying "I can't find the glue" and I will literally poke my head into the mess she has made and two seconds later pull out the glue bottle.
"I can't find the..." is usually said while I am knee deep in 100 other things, so I must stop what I am doing to help the child find the item that they are looking for that is directly in front of their face.
3. "What's for dinner?" I have a houseful of hungry kids. I get that.  I have two boys that are ravenous always.  The boys typically ask this question with a mouth full from breakfast wondering what their next meal will be. This phrase is often followed by more whining because inevitably one of the three children who resides here is not happy with the dinner selection.
4. "Why do I have to?" The kids get a lot of mileage out of this phrase. The phrase can be said "Why do I have to" meaning, why am I the one that has to take the trash out or set the table rather than one of my able bodied siblings or it can be said "why do I have to?" with the emphasis on the whining why at the front. Well child I gave birth to, I would love it if you could do something rather than exist in this house only to be fed, clothed and taken care.
5. Which leads me to phrase number 5..."He's your favorite". My kids have all at various times, thought that I have shown favoritism to one child over the other.  I've heard phrases like "why doesn't Owen have to set the table? It's because he's your favorite isn't it." Nope child who wandered into the kitchen and asked me what was for dinner for the three hundredth time today, Owen is not my favorite, you just so happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
6. "What?" Again, this is a phrase that can be said for many things.  Perhaps I have just caught my oldest poking his sister over and over and over again in the thigh just to be annoying.  I give him my best mom glare and I get the response "what?".  Or after being asked ten times to clean their room, I find the filthy roomed child throwing a ball at their sibling who is zipping by on a scooter outside and the filthy roomed child looks at me and says "what?" as if they are completely clueless as to why I am upset with them {on so many levels!}.
7. "I don't feel good" This is the hardest phrase for me to decipher as a parent, especially as the kids get older.  My first thought is, do they really not feel good or are they trying to get out of something. My second thought is to grab the barf bucket.
8. "I didn't do anything" But they usually did.
9. "She started it" Not always true.
and finally 
10. No response at all but a blank stare or angry look from a kid is probably the most annoying phrase of all.
What do you think? Did I miss any?
Do your kids have any annoying phrases that you wish they didn't say?

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