Straight talk on straight teeth-a discussion about braces and Invisalign Teen

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As soon as our kids were out of diapers, as parents, we started thinking about the next most expensive part of parenting and that had us thinking about all three of our kids in braces.
If you are a parent of a teen or tween, you feel my pain am I right?!
My oldest son is currently in traditional braces.
We are in phase two of the process.
The first phase started a few years back when he was in middle school,
and then second phase started about a year ago when he was a freshman in high school.
There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it looks like braces will be off before the summer ends.

The most inconvenient part of traditional braces are the every two week appointments.
I will be happy when we don't have to set aside an hour every other week to make time in our busy schedule for tightening and adjustments.
In the words of a very wise woman named Sweet Brown "Ain't nobody got time for that!"

As we start to make plans for our 12 year old daughter, 
Invisalign continues to come up as an option.
My favorite part?
No more bi-weekly appointments!

With Invisalign teen, several aligner sets are provided in advance so there are fewer appointments necessary and less disruption of your already busy schedule.

My oldest son has a mouth full of metal and gives a beautiful half smile, because he doesn't feel all together comfortable with the way that his smile looks with his teeth full of wires.
It's no surprise that girls are more conscious of their appearance
{though boys seem to not care as much, they usually do!}
 which is another reason that we are looking into Invisalign teen.
The series of customized aligners are virtually invisible.
I have kids, I totally get that things get lost.
My first thought is that something like a removable virtually invisible aligner is going to get lost in zero.four seconds. But, I have talked to a several parents and heard from several dentists and you know what?  They say that their teens actually never misplace their aligners.  The dentists say it's the adults that they have the most problems with!
If you think this may be an issue for your kids though take comfort in knowing that Invisalign teen includes up to six free replacement aligners.
My second thought about Invisalign is, since it's removable my kids won't remember to wear them,
or they will pretend they wore them and try to con us into believing that they are the perfect patient even though their progress tells us otherwise.
On the Invisalign aligners, there are small blue dots called compliance indicators.
The dots gradually fade when worn and are a quick visual check for parents, kids and doctors to confirm that the aligners are being worn enough to get results.
How slick is that!
So let's get down to numbers.
The cost of Invisalign teen is about the same as traditional braces
AND it's covered by most dental insurance companies.
If you want more information about what the path of orthodontic care for your child looks like, check out this infographic,  The Smart Path to straight teeth
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Visit the Invisalign homepage for more information.
To find a doctor that specializes in Invisalign teen, go here.

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