Teacher classroom baby shower celebration

Several years ago, my daughter's fourth grade teacher was pregnant with her first baby.
I thought that it would be fun to throw a baby shower for her as a classroom celebration.
It was a fun party that you can read more about here.

Fast forward a few years, and my son's third grade teacher is pregnant with her first baby
{a boy they plan on naming Kamden} due in July.

I thought that it would be fun to host another classroom baby shower celebration.
The kids have had the chance to see their teachers belly grow and have been excited about the baby since they found out that their teacher was expecting.

The week prior to the classroom baby shower, 
I used my silhouette software to design a few items.
I found a cute whale in my silhouette library and decided to use that as my theme.

The whale image came with two small tear drop shapes for the spout,
I just replicated those and made enough for the kids in the class to each sign one.
While the teacher was out, I brought the grey shapes and a sharpie pen in for the kids to write their names.

I glued the shapes down in a pattern that I liked and put it in a frame with a mat for the teacher to have as a keepsake.

 I think it turned out really cute!

I used the whale image and designed two more keepsake type mementos for the teacher.
It's always fun to see what kids say when they fill in the blanks.

Since we are still in school, we played a few games that had an educational spin on them.
For the literary component, we did a fill in the blank nursery rhyme game.
You can find the free printable here.
For the science component, we matched animal baby names.
That free printable can be found here.

We also talked about math.
For instance, the kids guessed how many diapers a baby would go through a day
{3 was a popular answer!}
The kids took the average {it's 10} and calculated how many diapers a baby will go through in a week, month and year.

We also talked about using averages to guess the baby's height and weight and also how a due date can mean that the baby can be born two weeks before or two weeks after.

The kids filled in their "how to be a good mom" advice sheets and the teacher can keep those in a keepsake book for reference.

We collected money for a classroom gift card and some of the kids brought in some of their own presents for the teacher.
While we didn't have a real cake, we did have Popsicles outside on the playground during recess.

The kids will all remember the year their teacher had a baby, 
and hopefully their teacher will remember how very special this time of celebration was.

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Tamara said...

Love this! From the whale and kid names on the water spouts to the educational but fun activities. Well done!

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