Mouse pad makeover with mod podge

My husband is the greatest.
There is a bin at work with cast off office supplies that he likes to bring home from time to time.
This amazing blue ocean mouse pad was one of those treasures.
I've lived with it for far longer than I would like to admit and finally decided to cover it with some fabric I have been hoarding that I got at the Goodwill outlet.

These are the supplies you need if you would like you cover your own ugly mouse pad.
mod podge
small paint brush

I cut my fabric piece in half, larger than my mouse pad.
I then took mod podge and painted it on the backside of my mouse pad.

I laid my fabric down over my mod podge and smoothed out any wrinkles.

Then, I trimmed around my fabric.
I cut close to the edge on the back side.

I then repeated the process of painting the mod podge on the front side of my mouse pad.

Once I smoothed that fabric down, I cut a wider edge around the fabric.
You will be folding the fabric from the front, over the lip of the mouse pad and securing it to the back.

To make folding around curves easier,
you can cut notches into the edges.

Use your mod podge and your paint brush to seal the edges of your fabric to the back side.
Let your new mouse pad dry.

Enjoy your new {way prettier} creation.

So what does your mouse pad look like?
Be honest.
Does it need a makeover too?

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