An anniversary re-mix

I married an engineer. Usually that's all I need to say to describe how romantic he is. But sometimes he surprises me. Like this past weekend. A few years ago we decided to stop celebrating Valentine's day (it's pretty overrated) and celebrate the day we started dating (February 27, 1997). There tend to be less crowds and you never feel like you are putting the babysitter (or the grandparents) in a bind by sacrificing their own Valentine's day plans. It works for us. We made plans to head to beautiful Alderbrook resort where we have celebrated a few anniversaries and birthdays in the past and on the way down on the hour long car ride, my very thoughtful husband presented me with the CD version of all of the mix tapes he made me when we were dating in college. We spent summers dating long distance (he lived in Washington and I lived in Indiana) and we sent many a letter in our day (e-mail hadn't quite caught on yet...crazy that we are that old!) including some various mix tapes that were played over and over again in my tape player. Isn't that sweet? He even put pictures of us when we were dating on the CD and meticulously wrote down every song title and artist. So if any of you wives are married to fellow engineers, know that they sometimes do have it in 'em.

Isn't this a beautiful view from our balcony?
Too bad it was a typical Washington day and it rained buckets!


Rebekah said...

That is SO sweet!

Debbie B said...

I like your Engineer/romantic comment. I married an engineer as well and it is definitely all you have to say to people!! We live in WA and have stayed at Alderbrook resort as well! We love it there! Cute blog!

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