Paint it black

I remember when I was around 13, I went through a black phase. I thought furniture looked better when it was black. Who knew I was ahead of the trend? I remember painting whatever random garage sale furniture my mom got me black and not because I was in a Gothic dark phase, I just liked black. I spent a lot of time this week reliving that phase of my life.

I went to Joann's on Tuesday and found this green star marked 70% off. It came to around $5. I really thought it would look better black and knew I couldn't use it in my house being the color it was, so the only solution was to paint it black.

So I started out with some black spray paint primer and put two coats on letting it dry between coats. Then I finished with another coat of black spray paint (all things I had on hand). I then took a little sandpaper to it to cut down the sheen and here you go.

I've wanted to paint an initial for quite some time, but every time I think about getting one at Joann's they are on sale and I can't use my coupon, or it's not on sale and I have something better to use my coupon on. Dilemmas I know! I finally bought one. My four year old helped me paint it and after about 4 layers of black paint (49cents for the bottle), it was ready to have the edges sanded. I sanded down the edges to let some of the brown paper mache show, and there you have it.

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Andrea Hardman said...

I love it. I think black paint makes things brand new looking. We finished an old table with black paint, bought some black chairs and got so many complements on our NEW table set. Haha!

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