Another t-shirt refashion

I happened to be at Wal-Mart today (I generally hate the store so I don't frequent it very often) and happened upon these cute juniors t-shirts on clearance for $3. I remembered seeing a refashion of one of the other shirts here this week. So I picked it up and literally 10 minutes later had a dress for my peanut.

I started with this Large t-shirt (and really, it ain't that large!)
I put one of my daughters t-shirt dresses down on top to use as a guide for taking in the arms and chest.

I chalked up the line that I was going to serge on and set to work. I serged out the notch (almost looks like an upside down L) and then sewed along the seam to reinforce it.

And that's that! Sorry for the crummy shots, my daughter wasn't feeling well, so she wasn't the best model today.


Kalleen at Second Street said...

Yeah, I'm so glad you did this too. I'm glad you understood what I did. I never know if I'm making sense. I didn't see this shirt, but I hope your girl loves hers as much as mine loves hers. Looks great.

Rebekah said...

Such a great idea! Plus, it's cute!

crafterhours said...

Hi, I'm nominating you for an award! Love your blog and all your projects! You can check it out here:

Andrea said...

I love it!! And I see what you mean about it not being so large!

Misty @Creative Itch said...

Cute! I would've never have thought to do that!! Thanks for linking @Creative Itch's "Sew Cute Tuesday"!

DeeAnna said...

Awwww poor thing! She looks to cute, what a great idea!

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