Making my antique store finds work

I love the look of these pedestal bowl thingies. Not quite sure what they are called, but I like them. I searched for some at garage sales last summer and came up empty handed. However, on my recent trip to an antique store I came across two bell jars that just needed a little base. I found two round circles for 59 cents a piece (one is slightly larger than the other). Then on a little trip to some cute shops in downtown Tacoma, I found this adorable nest for $1.50 and this bird for $2.50. They make a perfect addition to my spring decor.

I just took these unfinished circles and painted them with about 3 coats of black paint.
Then the bell jars get placed right on top

It's hard to tell but this little birdie is sitting on two rocks, one of which says love.

I bought the nest knowing I had a little robin's egg at home but after searching all afternoon for it, I came to the conclusion that some small child wandered off with it and claimed it as their own. So, I found this shell that when turned over, look a lot like an egg. Fooled you didn't I?

And here they are together. I sort of feel like I am playing a mean trick on the bird by keeping it in a separate glass far away from it's little baby in the nest. Oh well!

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