Family Modeling Job with Kelty Camping Gear at Target

Family Modeling Job with Kelty Camping Gear at Target

So this isn't crafty at all, but I thought I would share with you an opportunity that our family had a few months ago to be the "model" (and we use that term loosely) for the new line of Kelty camping gear for Target. We stopped in at Target this afternoon after I read on-line a report that the gear may be in stock at local stores...and it was. The pictures were taken in September and only just hit shelves this week. I thought I would share a few of the pictures that we took today posing with the packaging that we saw for the first time.

Owen posing with his favorite package
Mike seeing the gear for the first time.

Aidan making fun of his funny face in this shot

Not quite sure what I am doing with my hand in this one, but I talk a lot with my hands so I am sure I was mid-sentence.

Aidan with his close up...and super excited about it. The display at our Target is kind of lame. If anyone has a better display at their local store, will you let me know?

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Student Entrepreneur said...

How cool is that!!! Way to go!!!

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