Bean Ball

I saw these little decorative balls at Michael's last week and thought, "hey, I can make that", and then less than a week later, I started seeing them pop up all over the craft blog circuit, so obviously everyone else saw the same ball and had the same idea. I have a large mouth vase that I put some little decorative balls in that I got at a garage sale a few summers ago. The balls are sort of big and they take up a lot of space but leave some empty space in there too. So, I thought if I made some smaller balls to fill the voids it would look better.

My 7 year old daughter and I set to work with some Styrofoam balls, beans, and a hot glue gun. We tried the random approach, placing the beans in all shapes and size all over, but I like the look of the more defined orderly beans in a row around.

Sorting the beans is a good activity for younger hands while you do the gluing with the hot glue gun.

Can you tell why I like the ball with the red beans better? The one where we put them on in a crazy pattern looks like a ball of old gum or something. Oh well, live and learn!


Jen @ said...

Love those balls. So cute. I am addicted to organic looking decorating materials. I need to make some of those!

Thanks so much for linking up to my party!!!


Maryann @ Domestically-Speaking said...

LOVE this idea!

mandi said...

I am curious to know what kind of beans are generally used in commercial bean balls, if anyone knows. I bought one several years ago at a Micheal's store. I kept it in a basket, but just this spring I threw it in a pot with fig tree I was putting outdoors. After a rain, some of the seeds came off and began to grow. I am wondering what I've got coming up. Has anyone ever heard of that happening?

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