Superbowl decor

I grew up in Indiana...spent 21 years of my life being a Hoosier. I remember when Payton Manning was signed to the Colts. I also remember rooting for the Colts when they were nothing to root for. One particularly bad season a local Subway was selling subs for the price of the difference in the score IF THEY WOULD JUST WIN! There was only one trip to Subway that season if I recall and that yummy 13 cent sandwich was delightful. I also went to Purdue. I had season tickets to the football games and some of my best college memories are of going to the games with friends. Drew Brees was the quarterback during my years at Purdue. Watching the Rose Bowl in 2001 with my husband was such a fun time. I would like to say that I care one way or another what team wins this weekend, but I really don't. It's sort of a win win if you ask me.

That said, I have an 11 year old son who loves the Colts. My son only lived in Indiana for about 2 years but he's been cheering on the Colts for as long as I can remember. At Christmas, I bought this Colts fabric to make pajama pants for him and had some extra material leftover. I racked my brain on what to make him, and came up with this simple flag banner. We are going to use it this weekend as decoration when his friends come over for a Superbowl party, and then it will be hung in his room with pride afterwards. Go Colts...or Saints!

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