Book page wreaths

I love the few weeks leading up to Christmas and all of the local craft bazaars in the area.  I go to as many as I can and love finding new ideas and soaking in the creativity of other people.

I only do one craft bazaar a year and I split the booth with a friend.  I find that if I start doing numerous bazaars and crafting like it's my job, then it feels like just that, a job.  I like it to be fun.  One a year is my limit.

This year,  I made a few book page wreaths. 

I had two different variations.
The actual wreath base

and the foam circle base.  You can see that in the wreath below the insides are all filled in.

I like them both.

How about you?  Do you have a preference?

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Unknown said...

I like the one that is filled in more, great job they are beautiful

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