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Lunch wraps and reusable storage bags

I have three kids in school full time.
All three kids bring their lunch to school nearly every day.

A few years ago, I realized how much waste we were making just with our lunches alone, so I made some reusable lunch wraps and storage bags for the kids.

I'm amazed at how well they hold up after being used

The kids have never accidentally thrown the bags away and since the bags come home, I can see what they ate and what they didn't.

I also love that I am not running to the store as often to pick up Ziploc bags and baggies.

Know what my favorite part is?
The sandwich wrap also acts as a place mat on those dirty cafeteria tables.

Want the tutorial?  Go here.


Frugal Down Under said...

They look fab. How do you wash the pouch ones?

All Things Beautiful said...

I've been interested in re-usable lunch bags, but have so many unanswered questions. Do they keep food fresh? Are the materials they are made out of truly safer than a plastic bag? Yours look great.

Jamie said...

I have been meaning to make some of these forever. Maybe once all the holiday chaos is over with.


P.S. More the Merrier Monday ends tonight. Stop by and link up if you have not already.

Kim @ Too Much Time said...

I buy these like a schmuck...because I don't know how to sew...and keep dragging my feet about it!Thanks so much for linking up at my first ever party and helping make it a big success!

Jill said...

I love these. What a great idea! I hate going through all the plastic baggies!

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