Sharing our vacation to Puerto Vallarta with you-Day 2

Yesterday I shared with you our latest resort vacation to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Today, I'm going to share with you some of the vacation pictures.

The hubs and I were able to get so many shots of the two of us because we finally got good at using the camera timer. Totally worth it!

Even on vacation, I like to start my morning off with a good workout. I hate running, but love exploring, so starting the day out with a run around a new town is one of my favorite things.

My second favorite thing is getting into a good book while relaxing in the pool. I read four books in about that many days.

Once late afternoon hit, we would head back to our room and enjoy the sunset from our balcony.

The sunsets were amazing

My husband and I don't go out to dinner a lot, so while we are on vacation (especially at an all inclusive resort!), it's fun for us to get dressed up and enjoy each others company over dinner.

I've been to a few resorts in different parts of Mexico and I think this Mexican coffee that they make is either just a Puerto Vallarta thing, or a Riu resort thing. Either way, it's the only resort where I have gotten to experience it.

Mexican coffee is an after dinner drink that mixes Kahlua and tequila, lights them on fire, then mixes it with coffee and a big dollop of ice cream in a sugar rimmed glass. Pretty sure the line would be around the block if Starbucks started selling them!

While the sunsets are gorgeous, the sunrises are pretty amazing too.

These are my two favorite vacation breakfast foods. Fruit cut up in small little pieces so you barely have to chew (I mean seriously, I'm on vacation, I shouldn't have to do anything!), and a new thing I tried called a bunuelos. I call it heaven in a circle. It's some kind of wonderful and I miss them.

We spent lots of time enjoying the beach. While I love a good pool chair, there is nothing like the cool breeze off of the ocean and listening to the waves crash.

I saw this boy, who isn't much older than my oldest son, selling candy out of a wheelbarrow. I hadn't seen that in Mexico before.

The Riu resort in Puerto Vallarta, has three different hotels all within walking distance of each other. You can eat at any of the restaurants and take advantage of the various resorts activities. A few years ago, I stayed at the Riu Vallarta with some girlfriends and we ate every single meal at this restaurant on the beach. I wanted to make sure I took my husband to it while we were there. It's worth going to an early dinner just to catch the sunset.

On our way back from dinner at the other resort, we noticed some crazy looking things set up on the beach. After some closer examination we realized that the wedding that had just occurred at our resort at sunset was also going to be having a private fireworks show.

Just like the wedding, the fireworks show required no invitation, so Mike and I found a nice lounge chair on the beach and watched a virtually private fireworks display right there on the beach.

The view of the resort property from our room was amazing. We found that even though the resort was at 80% capacity, it never felt crowded.

After our morning workout, we would head down to enjoy the beach and the pool. This was one of my cover ups that I brought along

I snapped this picture of one of the other guests in her cover up. No, this picture is not from the late 80's or early 90's, this was just last week! And she wasn't the only one wearing this t-shirt. There were about five of them (some in the men's version) floating around the resort. There must have been a sale on them.

And because you can't get enough pictures at sunset, here is another

One of the best parts about an all inclusive resort is the food. We could eat our way through the day and try all kinds of different foods. There were several different restaurants at our hotel, Japanese, Fusion, authentic Mexican food and a steakhouse.

And after most of our sit down meals, we would finish off the evening with a quick trip to the buffet, just in case we needed more to eat!

All good things must come to an end, so I will leave you with a picture of the sunset on our final day. May you experience some sunshine in your day today!


Julie said...

Wow! Such beautiful photos!! Looks like you two had a great time!

Jack Witson said...
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