I LOVE Lucy!

Do you guys remember when I told you in one of my random posts how much I love Lucy?
If you don't know what Lucy is, let me introduce you. Lucy is a women's active wear company designed and developed by women for women.
Have you ever tried on workout gear that just didn't work out (pun intended!)? I know some of the famous brands (ahem Under Armour) just don't fit my mom of three body. Lucy has some of the best fitting, long lasting work out gear that I have in my closet.
I've worn Lucy gear during training and while running all three of my recent half marathons and never had a single problem with chaffing.
It's held up through tough hours of boot camp and weight training sessions as well as during cardio sweat sessions always adjusting to whatever activity I am doing, never missing a beat.
Black is a staple in my closet and wash after wash the black stays black. No fading...promise!
Have you seen all those fancy sports clothes washes on the market now? Don't need 'em when you wear Lucy. I sweat and stink when I am just doing normal life. When I work out, I am extra stinky. Lucy has some magic powers that keep the odors down. Seriously, no stink!
I am not getting paid for this blog review, just thought I would share a product line that I think is awesome. Check out some of my favorites.
Lucky for you, they are having a 1 day sale on Saturday November, 5 in celebration of Lucy's 12th birthday. The whole store is 25% off (super awesome if it's 25% off sale items too...that's when I stock up!). What are you waiting for?!
You will fall in love with Lucy just like I have!

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