Moving things back in

You guys were all so nice last week when I shared with you a project that my husband tackled on his own while I was in California with the kids.

The back of my closet is dedicated as my craft/sewing space and my husband took it from this

to this!

I am always one to use what I have on hand, so I started to moving my sewing items back into the space with baskets that I had in the house already.

This is what the space looks like right now.

These are some inspirations of what I would like it to look like eventually


Practical Magic traditional home office

Pinned Image
For button storage Kendra Mccracken used old ball jars.

Girl. Inspired used these fabric organizers. I totally need these!

Ah, so many great ideas to be inspired by. I can't wait to start picking things up and slowing putting my space back together again.


Tanya said...

Aww, what a thoughtful hubby! Very nice upgrade!

Unknown said...

amazing! I can barely walk into my office! One of these days I'll get it looking pretty! Thanks for sharing. Oh, and I just started following your blog. It's cute.

Ameryn Marie

Halle said...

Awesome change-up. My sewing area is currently in the family room. UGH! I really need to make a skirt for the table so I can just cover up all the clutter underneath.

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