A good display for your next craft show

The craft bazaar season has come to a close, and I have had some time to reflect on the one thing that I struggle with every year.
Every year, I work so hard at hand making new stock to sell that I forget to focus on the actual display of my products.  And as we all know, that is what draws people into your booth and makes them want to buy your items.  So a good display is key. 
Lets take a look at the display shelves from stores that we shop at every day like these

{no wine & liquor at my bazaar...but maybe I should consider.  Think that would be a big seller!}

Buying industrial display shelving is out of most artisans budget, but we can take some hints to how businesses make effective display shelves and think like they do.
Notice how these display shelves aren't flat tables?
There is shelving that makes your eye go up and down.
There is also space to keep your items organized and tidy.
This display from French Larkspur uses a book shelf and various sized tables to display her items

 Notes from a Cottage Industry took some pictures of a local event I am definitely putting on my calendar {Barn House}
I love how they made use of this old library catalog cabinet to display silver ware.

And this old industrial cart displays these ball jars, jugs and other kitchen goods making them easy to see and well organized.

Fantastic Toys does a great job of using different heights to display her items at craft events.

This display with baskets is a genius way to display like items together.
I always see a lot of jewelry for sale and this would be a display that would definitely draw me in.
I love how they use the cloches as a bust to display the necklaces.  Genius!

The Willows Home and Garden
I love how A Re-Purposed Life uses this old shutter to bring the display up

As you can see, we can learn a lot from the way display shelves are made and used in the stores that we shop at every day.   We need to think beyond the flat surface, and make use of space down below and up above.  Be creative!  Using tables and book shelves that you already have can help you make the most of your display area.

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