JOY paper mache painted letters

As we learned yesterday, my husband hates glitter.
But, some things just need a little sprinkle of glitter to make them just a little more festive, so this week's crafts have been focusing on glitter.  
Sorry honey!
If you are like me, you see these paper mache letters at the craft store and usually walk on by.
Not this time!
My daughter really wanted to make JOY out of the paper mache letters.

They are a little boring plain, so I painted them red.

Even painted, they were still a little boring, so I painted white stripes on the J and the Y.

 Still a little too plain, I took out some clear glitter and put glitter on all of the white parts.

They aren't so plain now, are they?

For right now, the letters sit above my pantry door.  
Stripes and glitter sure make it more festive!

What things do you add glitter to to make them more festive?


Carol, The Answer Is Chocolate said...

I am cracking up because that is the most appropriate description of glitter. I have just accepted it will keep turning up when I least expect it. There's just nothing like the sparkle it gives. Your letters turned out great. Love how crisp and bright they are and absolutely, the glitter makes the difference.

Mandy said...

Love this!

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