My Christmas Wish List

I don't usually spend a lot of money on myself throughout the year.
Sometimes at Christmas time, it's nice to dream about all of the things I want for Christmas.
So I thought I would make a list and share it with you.
I love my Dyson, and had to convince my husband that a vacuum really was worth taking out a second mortgage on our home {only kidding}.  I found a great deal on our Dyson and have been super impressed with it {so has my husband}, but we bought it before we got our big hairy dog...who sheds.  A lot.  I would love to upgrade to this lovely guy.
I would love a new computerized embroidery sewing machine.
A new machine may have more features and designs than I need, but my current machine has been on it's last leg for a few years now.  It sews straight {despite several other stitch patterns} but often gets stuck and the tension is always a bit wonky.  I hate to get rid of it though because I'm sort of afraid of the learning curve with a new machine.  
A Keurig.  
I've heard nothing but good things about the Keurig coffee machine.  I like the simplicity of the Keurig and am always freezing in the cold months here in the Seattle area {which are from October to June}.
A digital SLR camera
But on one condition...that it comes with a photographer.
Photography is just not a skill that comes easily to me, but I do love looking at a nice picture.
An iphone
but only if I can keep my current cell phone plan
Apple iPhone 5 16GB (White) - Unlocked
an ipad
I love Apple products, but am like an 80 year old woman afraid of change.
I don't normally jump on the electronics bandwagon, but I can see some real benefits to owning an ipad.
Silhouette Cameo
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Silhouette!  It was a gift from my in-laws two years ago.  That was before the larger size came out.  While my Silhouette SD still works great, sometimes having the 12x12 size would be nice.  
2012 Honda Odyssey Mini Van
I love my Odyssey {her name is Thelma}, but she's eight years old.  
Still kickin' and never a single problem, but a nice shiny new model might be fun!
And yes, I did just use mini van and fun in the same paragraph. 
I love my mini van.  
Probably gunna be a Grandma and will still be driving one.  
You know how many garage sale treasures you can put in that thing?!
{are you sensing a trend?  I like so many of the things I already have, I just want the shiny updated version of them}

A clothes folder
Now, I don't actually want this clothes folder, I want a person who will fold my clothes for me and then proceed to put them away.  We actually had this very clothes folder years ago that I bought as a gag gift for my husband when I was frustrated at how particular he was about his t-shirts being folded a certain way.  He hated the folder because {get this} it folded wrong too. It's a wonder we are still married nearly 15 years later!
Built in's in my closet
I have an amazing closet.  It's huge.  It's one of the reasons I fell in love with this house.  My husband has his own closet.  He built custom built in's for his closet.  And my closet still stays blah {it does have a pretty cool sewing area that my hubs built for me}, with it's wire racks and sad use of storage.  
Hudson skinny jeans
Hudson is my favorite jean brand, and I could use some new skinny jeans
but I'm waiting to find these for under $20...I may be waiting for awhile!
I have lived in the Seattle area for over a dozen years now, and am just now jumping on the North Face bandwagon.  I really thought North Face was just overpriced winter clothes, until I got my first North Face fleece {for $2 at a garage sale} this summer.  I'm officially sold.
but it does always make me think of this:
I am going to go on so many adventures!
Speaking of adventures, as you read this, I am in Maui with some girlfriends having a relaxing time!
I would love to add a yearly vacation to a tropical location to my list.
This really is just a dream list.
What's on your dream Christmas list?

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