How to get paint off of a window

I've been posting about my vintage windows that I found this summer all around my blog.
Mostly because I have been making project after project out of them.
I made this vinyl Merry Christmas window that is currently for sale at Persnickety's.

I made several chalkboards out of them.
Like this one here

and here

and I made this window pane schedule that you can also find at Persnickety's.

I've learned a thing or two about working with these vintage windows and today I am going to share with you how I removed paint from the glass of the window.

I got the windows from a house that was being gutted and the price was right {free!}
so you can't complain about the condition.
Most of the windows were painted with overspray and the paint had to be removed.
Believe me, I tried to use my chalkboard paint over the paint sort of like a primer, but that was a bad idea!
The paint wouldn't adhere and it just rolled off.
So paint removal was the only option.

I filled my sink with hot water and dish soap.

I took an old rag and DID NOT squeeze out the water.
You want to really soak the paint on the window as good as you can with your dish washing solution. 

Take a scraper and start scraping off the sudsy water layer.

The paint just comes right up!

Wipe your window clean with a paper towel 
and then finish your cleaning with some Windex.

That's it!
Now you have a nice clean blank space to work with.

Now you can decorate your vintage window pane any old way you like!
Merry Christmas!


cynthia said...

Your "Merry Christmas" window is currently hanging in my living room. I absolutely love it!!!!!

DownTheLaneWithDaisy said...

I'm really happy I subscribed to your blog. I have had a bunch of old windows I picked up about 10 years ago and Still haven't approached them. Now you've inspired me to do some cleaning and creating. Thanks.

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