Picking out bar stools

Last year, I gave you a tour of my kitchen.
We have now officially lived in our house for two years exactly.
One thing that came with the house were these bar stools.
We rarely use them, but they are nice to have for over flow seating.

The previous owners had puppies that were quite hard on the house.
They really liked to chew and used the bar stools {and the molding and the window sill}, as chew toys.
We weren't quick to replace the chewed up bar stools since we got a puppy our self 
just weeks after moving in.

However, our pup is less of a chewer and {thankfully} stuck to her toys!
Now that our puppy is bigger, her favorite hang out is right underneath this island.
Usually waiting to be fed at dinner time by her bowls.
Quick to let us know if she is hungry.
I've started to think of replacing the chewed up bar stools and wanted to share some ideas with you.

I like the mix of industrial and modern with the classic lines of this kitchen.

bungalow kitchen. The green painted window frame and bar stools are perfect.

Something like this would be similar.

Industrial mixed with classic modern seems to be all the rage now.

these stools

I love these upholstered bar stools

And these clean lines on the bar stools help to play up the simplistic decor in this kitchen

Home Depot Inspiration Martha Stewart Living Kitchen

Even Martha Stewart has some industrial bar stools in her kitchen.

I love how practical these industrial bar stools are.
They are easy to clean, provide clean lines in the kitchen and offer a bit of style to an otherwise bare bones room.

and I just had to share this, because it made me smile.
Love the sexy legs.

Bar stools with hot legs

What do you think?
Would you mix a traditional kitchen with an industrial bar stool?

disclaimer: this post is brought to you by comfort stools.  All opinions are 100% mine.

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SGT's Wife said...

I think you should go with what will make you happy. Something that the kids won't constantly slip off and something comfortable.

I had to get rid of my bar stools recently because my 2 year oldis a climber and she was constantly climbing up and playing in the sink. So if you have a climber thenthat is somethng to consider too.

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