Upcycled paper Christmas tree

Just a few weeks ago, I posted about a tutorial for my sheet music trees made out of cereal boxes.  They were a thrifty way to make something amazing looking for next to nothing. 
 Last week, I was contacted by one of my readers who was inspired by my sheet music trees. Catherine told me that she used a few things that she had and made a white paper tree all her own from things you would find in your recycle bin.
I'm excited to be hosting my favorite new reader, Catherine today.  I'm sure her tutorial will inspire you too!
No Christmas tree yet? Why not make a simple, frugal, do-it-yourself Christmas tree out of cardboard and printer paper?
Inspired by Rachel's sheet music Christmas trees, this all-white tree is tall enough to house a few presents from Santa.
    tape and scissors
    1 cardboard roll (from wrapping paper)
    6 long, skinny pieces of cardboard (I used 3 wrapping paper rolls and 3 strips from a box)
    1 cereal box for the cardboard base
    50 - 60 sheets of paper
    1 small piece of cardboard for the star
    glue, stapler, and sparkles for the star
    1 cracker box (or 2 kleenex boxes) for the trunk
Make the frame
1) Cut out the biggest circle possible from your cereal box to make the base.
2) Tape the cardboard roll to the center of this base so that the roll stands up tall.
3) Start out by taping on 3 rolls to make the cone shape. Make sure it's straight!

4) Cut out 3 more long pieces of cardboard of the same length.

5) Tape these 3 cardboard strips from the edges of the base to the top of the center roll in order complete the frame.

Attach the branches
6) Start off by cutting about 10 sheets of paper in half. Then cut 6 slits in each piece of paper and curl them with your scissors.

7) Tape them onto the frame, starting at the bottom.

8) Once 5 or 6 rows are done, use smaller pieces of paper and make fewer slits.

9) As you work your way up the tree, you'll be taping on smaller and smaller pieces of paper. Once you get to the top, you'll be taping on single strips, one strip at a time.

Make the trunk
10) Take a cracker box (or 2 kleenex boxes) and cover them with white paper. Glue or tape the tree to this trunk.
Make the star
11) Cut out a stick and a star from cardboard. Staple them together and cover with white paper.

12) Put lots of glue on the star and add sparkles. Insert the star's stick inside the cardboard roll at the top.

Have a Merry Christmas
13) Add a few presents for your loved ones and spread love, kindness, and good cheer.

Thanks Catherine for sharing your great tutorial with us!  I'm so happy to hear that I inspired one of my readers out there.  You made my day!

Have you been inspired by one of my projects or tutorials?  If so, please send me an e-mail and let me know!  I would love to hear about it.

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Gail M said...

Amazing! This is a great, kid-friendly craft project. Perfect for this holiday season! Thanks!!

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