How to make silhouette stockings for your furry friend

Two years ago, under our Christmas tree, we found this sweet little golden retriever puppy.
She was twelve weeks old and was adopted into our family the day after Christmas.
She immediately became part of our family, and we couldn't image life without her!
Which is why our sweet Sophie needs her very own personalized stockings just like the rest of us!

A few weeks ago, I made some glittery pillows with some tulip fashion glitter sheets.

The shimmer sheets come in a package that looks like this.
I loved working with the sheets so much that I immediately started thinking of more and more projects I could make with it.

I was doing some Christmas shopping and saw these stockings at Red Envelope and knew I had to make some!

custom graphic felt stocking

My son's teacher has a pug named Stella, like all projects, sometimes it's easier to do multiple at the same time, then just to do one, so I whipped her pup up a stocking of her own too!

I started out finding silhouette images of the dogs breed.
I found the images at Steve's Uniques.
I was able to save the image, then load it into my silhouette sd software.
I found a font that I liked, and reversed the image before I printed it.

I cut around the image because I didn't need all of that white space.

And then used spray adhesive to adhere the cut out to the back slick side of the shimmer sheet.

I used some small sharp scissors and cut around the image and the letters.

I was planning on making stockings, but my favorite store came through once again, and I picked up two plain stockings for $1 each.  It took some time arranging the letters and the image exactly where I wanted it. You could even get a ruler out to make sure your letters are in a straight line.
Once they are, follow the instructions on the back of the shimmer sheets.
Cover the image with a light weight fabric, and iron on cotton setting for about 40 seconds.

That's it!
Now you have a personalized stocking for your furry family member for under $2!

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Debbie @DewdropGables said...

These are so sweet! I love the glitter, it adds that extra element (and Christmas needs glitter!)
Saw you linking at the Dollar Store Link Party
Debbie :)

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