DIY mercury glass vase filled with Lilies + gift card giveaway to buy your own!

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I love fresh flowers!
I try to have a bunch of fresh flowers somewhere in my house.
Last week, it was the daffodils from my front yard.
This week, I have the most beautiful bouquet of Lilies in a DI Y mercury glass vase that I made.
There is something about having fresh flowers in your home that just brightens the space!
I want to show you how easy it is to turn a boring old vase that I bought for a quarter at a garage sale, into a beautiful work of art worthy of displaying the most beautiful flowers!
I started with a boring vase that you can pick up anywhere for super cheap.
You will also need Krylon looking glass spray paint (I searched for months and finally found it at Michael's), and a spray bottle mixed with vinegar and water (half and half).
I always wear plastic gloves when I spray paint so that I don't paint my fingers.
Looking glass spray is made to be sprayed INSIDE the vase or jar that you are painting.
You will want to spray lots of thin layers of your looking glass spray and let it dry for a minute after every coat.
As I let it dry, I turn the vase upside down and swirl the paint around the vase.
This is after 3 coats of looking glass spray.
It goes on slowly, but if you are patient, you can end up with a very neat effect.
Once you have your desired coverage (usually 10 coats), I let the vase dry for about five minutes.
After five minutes, you want to spray your vinegar/water solution on the painted area.
This will help you get those spots and lines that give mercury glass character.
Wipe the inside of the sprayed area with a paper towel.
Notice you won't get too much paint off, just enough to give it a cool effect.
Let the vase dry overnight.
In the morning, head to your local grocery store (these flowers came from my Safeway), florist or my favorite, your local farmers market, and pick up the most beautiful bouquet you can find.
I love my bouquets to include lilies because they are so fragrant.
Every time I walk past this bouqet it instantly brightens my day and makes me feel like spring is just around the corner!
The lovely people at iBulb are offering one of my lucky readers a $25 Visa gift card to purchase a bouquet of flowers and brighten their home.  If you would like to enter to win, just leave a comment about what type of craft project you like to make with the lilies if you won.  
You can check out this pinterest site for more ideas and inspiration.
A winner will be chosen one week from today.
Good luck!
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Amanda said...

I would put them in a twine wrapped vase that I made from a mason jar I "forgot" to return to a friend when I finished the homemade salsa she made for me

NaDell said...

I think I'll try painting a glass vase like yours but one that's just a color that compliments my house....whenever I figure out what color that would be... =)

Unknown said...

I would put them in a vase I made last Spring. I mod-podged pretty paper flowers all over it.

Scarlet Bluefield said...

Hmmm...maybe a wreath?

AubreyB said...

I'd love to try out this vase - boring glass vase no more!

Amanda said...

I would try the vase from this post. So awesome!

Thanks for the chance

Carolyn said...

I think I would put them in the vase I made when I did a short stint working at a pottery studio.

Mami2jcn said...

I'd like to make a spring door wreath.

mami2jcn at gmail dot com

Elena said...

I would make a hair clip with lilies

Unknown said...

I'd like to try making a collection of Pottery Barn copycat white vases

Sabrina Gardner said...

Fun! I'd do some sort of arrangement for Easter.

JC said...

A painted vase project would be on the way for lilies.

Unknown said...

Hmm...I'd love to put them into a handpainted vase

fencingromein at hotmail dot com

Julie said...

a wreath would be pretty

June L said...

I love what you did. It's so pretty. I would probably just pull out an old vase my husband gave me since I haven't been able to use it in so long.

junerlisle at gmail dot com

Leidy Ruiz said...

I would recycle an old bottle or container, painted and monogrammed with my and my husband's initials and give to him for our anniversary, who says men can receive flowers????

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