garage sale finds Friday Edition 46

Welcome back to another week of garage sale finds Friday.
Where I share with you my previous weeks, garage sale finds.
The past few weeks have been a little slow.
Mostly because I haven't had time to garage sale.
And also because I have been picking up some great deals on clothes.
You all don't want to see that now do you?
Back in April, I shared with you how I save money on lawn and garden.
Normally, I don't buy plants that are just going to die, but I bought these two pots for $5
and then got some flowers to put in them, and I love the burst of color by the house that they give.

So much so, that I bought two more pots {again for $5 for the pair} and filled them with more flowers.
It's a little splurge, and I can't believe how much I like having the extra color amongst all the green.

We eat a lot of fruit.
I love being able to keep it off the counter and in a nice little bowl.
I bought this fruit bowl for $2.

And finally, this HUGE wooden crate would be great with flowers in it.
It's old and awesome.
I paid 50 cents for it.

So what did you find this weekend?

1 comment

Halle said...

Love the old wooden box!! What a find!

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