My {cheap} chalk paint recipe

On Tuesday, I tried to explain the difference between chalk paint and chalkboard paint.
If you missed our little chat, you can find it here.
I learned a lot about the difference just by picking up my first jar of Annie Sloane chalk paint last week.
I won't show you {yet!} what I painted with my red chalk paint, but I will show you how I made my own chalk paint for a fraction of the price as Annie Sloan's.  

You will need:

plaster of paris
a bowl filled with about a quarter inch of water
plastic spoon

I added about three tablespoons of plaster of paris to the water in my bowl.
After mixing those together, I poured in about a half a cup of paint.
Stir the combo together.
You want to end up with a thick paint mixture a little thicker than yogurt.
It's not an exact science, add more water if the paint is too thick, or plaster of paris if the paint is too thin.

I've had a vintage door in my garage for about a year and my husband is dying for me to get it out of his parking space.  I starting painting the door with my homemade chalk paint.

Once the door is covered, let the paint dry.
Chalk paint dries fast, so you won't have to wait long.

As I explained yesterday, chalk paint goes on very dull and in order to bring out the color of the paint and to seal your work, you need to apply a layer of wax.  I used SC Johnson paste wax.
You literally brush on a thin layer of wax

and wipe off the extra with a dry cloth.

I took out my sander and distressed the edges of my door.
This is the final result with my home made chalk paint.

What do you think?
Have you tried chalk paint yet?
Do you love it?
I would love to see what you have painted with it.


Three Birds Inspired said...

I almost exclusively use my own made up "chalk" paint. I use a very similar recipe as yours. I like ASCP but the price is just more than I feel comfortable paying. My stuff covers just as well and you can't beat the price. I DIY blog at if you would like to see some of my pieces - including a buffet done with ASCP that perfectly matches a cabinet done with my version!

Unknown said...

Great recipe! I will have to try this, I am pretty new to painting and refinishing furniture, I would hate to spend a ton of money of chalk paint, and have it not turn out!

srpprcrftr said...

Sure like how your cabinet door turned out. What will you use if it for now? There are so many ideas out there, have good choices.

I have used some chalk paint I
mixed up one day to paint a cupboard door for a chalkboard. It was my first time to try it and I was quite satisfied with the results as a beginner.
I hear so much about all the expensive chalk paint but they are way out of my non budget. I'm so glad there is a home made version.

So far I've just been redoing my own pieces to see if it's something I'm able to do and want to do. We make pallet pieces, just getting started and I'm hoping we can sell some of our pieces. We're 2 seniors that need/want to make some extra dough.
I've found so many recipes for the chalk paint and would like to try them all. I think the best one for me will be using the plaster of paris. Just have to wait for payday and a good % off coupon. Sounds like it will go farther also.
Enjoy your blog and your projects.

I found blogs about 1 1/2 yrs. ago and my hubs is kinda put out as I spend lots of time reading and commenting and printing out many of the projects and images so generously given. I'm up very late at night too often as I subscribe to many blogs. Happy Summer

Cindy Andrews said...

Great Idea with Johnson wax, will try that!

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