Pennies for Pillowcases another way to help with Paula's Pillowcase Project +$100 for your cause!

This week has been such a fun week crafting for a cause.
It's not too late to sew along with us and make pillowcases for kids with cancer.
But, if sewing isn't your thing, I have the perfect option for a way to help.
Recently, I learned about an on-line fundraising tool called Razoo.

Razoo is a place where people who make generosity a part of their everyday life gather.
Razoo allows you to donate, fundraise and collaborate to spread the word, raise awareness and support organizations, groups and causes all around the world.

For years, I've been a small part of Paula's Pillowcase Project.
I have spent a Saturday once a year sewing my buns off as Paula likes to call it.

I've stood side by side talking with moms about their kids treatments quietly thankful that the worst thing my kids have had to be treated for is a small gash in the head from a run in with the staircase.

I've pinned and ironed next to teenagers with frail bones and wispy hair talking about the excitement of graduation and their future college plans, all while having to be half cautious just in case their current treatments don't work.

I've sewn seams with cousins and siblings who have lost their playmates to cancer or who got a little too close to comfort knowing that they could have been lost.

I've rejoiced in seeing Paula's son Gary, who is now completely cancer free, make an appearance like any young teenager can at a sewing event.

Each year, Paula's Pillowcase Project grows.
Each year, we hear about how more lives have been touched by the simple act of a handmade pillowcase.
We meet families who have been recipients of the pillowcases and are now coming to donate their time to bless another child with a pillowcase.

Every year, as I sew pillowcases I am blessed beyond measure.
I share my day with you on my blog and always receive comments about people wanting to participate too, if only they lived closer, or if only they could sew.

Each year, Paula spends black Friday, in line at Joann's before daylight has even thought of breaking.
She hand selects bolts of fabric for kids that she hasn't yet met, but who she can probably guesses will like the airplanes, or the smiling penguins or sock monkey fabric.
She finds coordinating fabric to go with each and then stands in line for the bolts of fabric to be measured and cut.

When she gets to the checkout, she pays with her own money.
Recently, Paula has been receiving some donations to support the cause.
Each year a jar is set up at the event for "coins for cases", 
but those donations are just a small part of what it takes to buy the materials for this worthy cause.
This project was started and has sustained itself for years on money from Paula's pockets.

Thanks to Razoo, now you can help!
I've started a cause called Pennies For Pillowcases.
It was super easy for me to create an on-line fundraiser and with just a few clicks,
 I'm on my way to helping to make a difference.
You can find my fundraising page here.

It doesn't take me more than a minute to come up with a handful of social causes that I think are worthy of some attention.  I've spent years as a PTA parent, Razoo can help you create a no fuss fundraiser for your latest PTA project.  I've gone to countless garage sales people are hosting to help raise money for their friends international adoption.  I've stood outside the doors to our local grocery store collecting money and supplies for our local peanut butter and jelly project that makes sandwiches for our local homeless population each week. 

Razoo is a fantastic resource for these causes, allowing others to become aware of your cause and enabling the generous spirit of those around you.
I know that you probably have a cause or two {or more!} that you can think of too.
Razoo is donating $100 to one of my readers to help support their fundraising cause.
Just take a second to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway here.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
You will be well on your way to meeting your goal!

If you would like to help me meet my goal of providing funding for one year for Paula's Pillowcase Project {only $500!}, please visit my on-line fundraiser here.

You can connect with Razoo on Facebook, twitter and instagram
Check out some of the other Razoo fundraisers for a good cause.
disclosure:This is a sponsored post on behalf of Razoo Fundraising.  All opinions are 100% mine and I fully support Paula's Pillowcase Project and it's cause. Everything is totally legit.

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