Garage Sale Finds Friday-a few things I've paid more for, but been happy I did Edition 49

Welcome to another week of garage sale finds Friday.
Where I share a few of my favorite garage sale finds.
This week, I want to share with you some of my name brand finds.
Those finds that I paid more than garage sale prices, but WAY less than store prices.
I haven't been able to suck up the cost of a North Face jacket yet, but it's sort of mandatory attire out here in the Pacific Northwest.
So I was thrilled when I saw the same North Face jacket I had been eyeing at Nordstrom for only $15 at a garage sale.
I wouldn't normally pay $15 for a jacket at a garage sale, but considering the price of the coat is  normally $130, and it was in perfect condition, I was happy with my purchase.
Speaking of North Face, I also bought myself a new pair of North Face snow boots for $15.
I wouldn't pay that much for my kids boots since their feet are still growing, but since mine are no longer growing, I sucked it up and paid it.  Again, getting a much better deal than retail, but a pricey garage sale buy.
I do sometimes get deals on North Face at garage sales.
I picked up a $75 kids jacket for $3
And a rain jacket for $1
I rarely see my most favorite brand of jeans {Hudson} at garage sales.
When I do, they aren't in my size.  
But this summer I scored.
My favorite pair of jeans {retail price $198} were only $5 at a garage sale.
One of my lady friends who garage sale shops with me, picked up a pair of brand new in the box Hunter boots for $15.  I would have snatched them up, but they were the wrong size.
The particular boot she picked up retails for $175!
Hunter Boots Watling Lace Up Gloss Boots
I just love garage sales!
I think people think that you can't find good stuff at garage sales.
This has definitely not been the case for me.
What has been your favorite find?


CreativaCale said...

I love tooo.Its treasure for me.:))

Unknown said...

I can always find out some good stuffs at garage sales! I like spending time there!!

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