Pinterest wedding do over-the cake, the wedding party and my final thoughts

It's been a fun week sharing with you my collection of Pinterest wedding do overs.
Today, I am going to share with you my final thoughts, the cake and some wedding party details.

My dad's secretary took a cake making class and offered to make our wedding cake for us.
We made a major mistake of positioning the wedding cake under a skylight during the reception.
A few hours after sitting under the skylight, the three-tiered cake started leaning!
We do have some great pictures of our guests next to the cake leaning right alongside with it!
So, with that story in mind, let's check out some cakes shall we?

White but a little rustic

Fancy but not over the top

I am not a big fan of cake, so these sugar cookies are a cute alternative.

Lace is big now, even for the cake

Another rustic cake
I love the base

Simple but elegant

This cake is stunning!

Guess I am stuck on the white on white cakes

I like the matching cupcakes.

Now that you all want a piece of cake, let's move on to the wedding party.
A bracelet would make a great bridesmaid gift they can wear not only in the wedding but after!
(2023 self likes this one better than the one I put a photo of in 2013)

I had four bridesmaids in my wedding.
Because we were cutting it close on time, we couldn't order bridesmaids dresses.
Thankfully, prom season had just ended and I was able to find four matching silver dresses at Kohl's for $50 each.  The night before the wedding, my mom realized that the dresses were see through and she sewed lining in to each of the dresses to prevent a wardrobe malfunction.

I love the various neutrals of these dresses. 
These were our actual wedding colors.

A stunning gown

This a-line empire waist dress would be flattering on so many figures.

This color is beautiful!

I love the detail on these dresses.

I love the new suit trend for the groomsmen.

The reality is, I'm probably closer to wearing a mother of the bride {or groom} dress before I will wear a wedding dress.

Spoiler alert! My oldest son got married in 2022! 
Here are my updated tips on how to shop for a mother of the bride/groom dress.

2013 self: This dress is quite stunning.
2023 self: it's ok, but looks more like a grandma of the bride dress, so I'm passing!

I'm thinking this hair is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!

Photography makes all the difference, which is why we spent the good majority of our wedding budget on flowers and a good photographer.
I remember my mom interviewing photographers while I was at school.
She finally called me and told me that her standards had slowly started to lower.
All she was looking for on such short notice was a photographer that didn't take nudie shots.
Apparently, she found one too many porn shots lining the photographers walls!
I love everything about this wedding.

2023 self: obviously I was very ahead of the game with my recommendation of farm/barn weddings. I see how this look has been done many MANY times. I wonder what the next trend will be?

I could search high and low for hours on end, 
I could plan and replan every detail of my wedding day,
but in the end, after 15 years of marriage, it's not the wedding that matters.

People spend months and months planning their big day, but spend very little time focusing on what really matters...the marriage.

Things may not have been exactly the way I wanted them.
We may not have had a carved ice sculpture but instead had a frozen duck mold, 
our reception was in the Sunday school hallway not in a lavish hotel ballroom, 
but what really matters is the marriage that was created because of that one day.

Not the wedding and the details of the day.
So I leave all of you with this thought.
Because really, this should be the most important part of wedding planning.

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I recently stumbled on a blog post by Avoiding Atrophy that sums up this past week with a little more up to date experience.
You should totally go and read her part 1 and part 2 
ps-the downside of pinterest is that the original sources sometimes get lost.
I have done my best to link to the original source when I could.

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