The Great Midwest Trip

Traveling through the Midwest on the Great Midwest Tour

Our family just returned from a trip that we have dubbed "The Great Midwest Trip"
We spent two weeks exploring the great Midwest.
In July.
It was hot for these Pacific Northerners, but we had a great time!
This map shows you a few of our stops.

I swear I won't share with you every detail and picture from our trip.
There were a ton, you will thank me!
But I did want to share with you a few of the highlights as we traveled from here to there to everywhere.
So hold on to your seat people!
You are going to take a virtual trip with our family on the Great Midwest Road Trip!

We only stopped in the airport in Detroit for a connecting flight, but that was probably all we needed to see!
I'm sure those in Michigan will argue with me on this one.
I've been there.
I can't imagine Detroit has gotten any better.

After multiple delays
{I wouldn't quickly sign up to fly on Delta airlines anytime too soon!}
we finally made it to Indianapolis, Indiana.
Of course, we were greeted by this yellow Indy car.
This car will be important in our final days, so remember this moment.

Yep, definitely back in the Midwest!

We picked up our rental van
{which we quickly dubbed "The Colonel" since it had Kentucky plates}
and made a midnight run 
to Steak n' Shake.
Of course, we had the cheese fries

After filling our bellies, we hopped in the van and drove to West Lafayette, Indiana.
Wednesday turned to Thursday as we drove.  We were all happy to check-in for the night.
The next morning, we woke up ready to explore Purdue University, where my husband and I are both Alumni.  We met and spent the first few months dating in this residence hall.
Lots of memories at this place!

I'm a sorority girl, so I had to show my daughter my sorority house.
Unfortunately, we couldn't go in because major interior construction was happening.

But we were able to walk across the street to my husband's fraternity, where we were able to tour the house.  Fraternities are dirty.  Even in the summer!

That little boy in my arms is now bigger than I am!
But we found the old place and trespassed  posed for some pictures out front.

Our first full day of exploring ended with a delicious dinner with our old campus ministry friends.

Suggested places to visit in Lafayette:
Purdue {duh!}
Greyhouse Coffee Shop
Tour the Subaru plant

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