Pinterest Wedding Do Over Week-the ring

Last month, my husband and I celebrated a milestone anniversary.
15 years!
It's a record.
For us at least.

But since Pinterest has made its mark on the internet, I haven't been able to help myself 
but plan a wedding do over.
Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't get a new husband.
Mine is pretty awesome and I wouldn't trade him for the world.
I just see so many great ideas and new things that I would have loved to have included in my wedding if I were to do it all over again.

So, this week, I am sharing some of my Pinterest wedding do over's with you.

This is totally how I feel about it!

Let me give some background.
My husband and I planned a 350 guest wedding in six weeks.
In June.
While we were going to school full time.

Not everything was the way that we {I} wanted it since we rushed so quickly to throw things together, but in the long run, it's the marriage that matters, not the wedding.

However, that doesn't stop a girl from dreaming now does it?

It all starts with the ring, so today, that's where we will start.

I'm a big fan of an antique looking classic style ring. Etsy has a bunch of them!

I love the look of this Tacori wedding ring and band.

I've got a major crush on this antique looking ring from Twist.

This vintage Tiffany ring is to die for!

I love this collection of rings.

I'm also a big fan of non-traditional rings too!

Another tacori ring I adore.

more vintage looking goodness

The band of this ring is just stunning!

Bling bling
Look at that detail!
Another vintage look
A beautiful emerald cut
In reality, I have a tension set diamond solitare with some small diamonds on the side. 
I have a channel set band to go with it.
I actually love my wedding ring
But, this is take two.

The first time we selected a ring we rushed into it.
After we had been married for about four years, we took out the solitaire from the original engagement ring and reset it.  I'm much happier with it because it fits my personality now.
I couldn't be the only one getting a new ring.
Three years ago, I surprised my husband with a wedding band that I made him myself on the lathe.

With a little help from his uncle Dave.

If you had to dream, what would be your dream wedding ring?
Do you have it?
Or are you waiting for it?
Follow my wedding do over board on pinterest.

ps-the downside of pinterest is that the original sources sometimes get lost.
I have done my best to link to the original source when I could.


Dara @ Not In Jersey said...

very cute idea. I love the ecard about it not being fair we got married before pinterest. personally I'm sad we got married before digital photography!

Angela ~ Call Her Blessed said...

Rings. I'll take one of each, pretty please =) We are celebrating our 22nd anniversary on Saturday. Congrats on yours!

Craftcherry said...

Oh my goodness! I LOVE that you made him a band. That's fantastic.
I LOVE my wedding ring. It's absolutely perfect. Really liking that antique Tiffany though...I need a ring for my right hand right? ;o)

Shari D said...

This is about three years late out of the gate, so to speak, but I wish I could see YOUR rings! Those are the only two not showing up in your post! Just two tiny little empty boxes where your rings should be! I get a vague idea from your description, but frequently my idea based on a description and reality are miles apart!

I have my desired wedding band, a thick, heavy, vintage, domed white gold band about 5mm wide with shiny milgrain edges next to deeply engraved cutouts and a high polished center. No, it's not a 5 carat, diamond encrusted monument to excess, but then I'm not the type to carry that kind of thing off, even if I wanted one and could afford it! To quote my dearly departed grandmother, "Such things on me would be like putting lace on a bowling ball!"

We will be celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary the end of this coming July, and I gotta tell you - at 19 (me) and 20 (him, of course) the idea of celebrating a Silver Anniversary at 25 years seemed light years away! But when you're done with high school, and college is not in your foreseeable future, there's only two other things to be back in 1976 - be single and work, or get married - and work harder! LOL! He was in the Air Force, so his work was fairly stable for at least the length of his contract, and I just went and did whatever struck my fancy at the time.

BUT, forty years later, and we have done things, and become things we never dreamed of at first, and the one thing that made it all work out right in the end was that we both did them together! Two grown children, and SIX grandchildren later, here we are!

And you are so right - SO RIGHT - about it not being about the wedding, it's about the marriage! I have always believed that, and so has my husband, and we both imparted those values to our children, and it took! Also, to quote Ed Harris' character, Gene Krantz, in "Apollo 13" - "Failure (divorce) is NOT an option!"

We have tossed around the idea of a "do-over" but I think anything we could afford now, with me disabled permanently, and our income cut accordingly, as well as my inability to physically participate much, would just be an anticlimax to our first "do" - in an azalea garden in an enormous park, with me in my Jessica McClintock - Gunne Sax white lace prom dress that looked for all the world like an Edwardian wedding gown, and him in his light blue Leisure Suit, exchanging simple white gold bands, surrounded by three generations of family, friends and even a few coworkers, followed by a picnic with wedding cake, punch, nuts, fried chicken and covered dish contributions from the family cooks! I can't imagine topping that! Can you? ;-)

Congratulations now on 18 years - I hope!! Keep at it - 40 will be upon you before you know it!

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