Pinterest wedding do over the invitations

Welcome back to our second day of my Pinterest wedding do over.
Today, I will be focusing on save the dates and the invitations.

If we were to have a vow renewal these are pretty sweet.

These RSVP cards are super fun!

Here's a mad lib style one you can customize on Etsy!

Save the dates are something new.
Well, new since we got married a jillion years ago!
This is a super fun unique way to have your friends save the date.

I love these coaster save the dates because they are something your guests can use and then remember!

This is a super practical invitation with perforated accommodations and RSVP card.

I love how simple this invite is.

This one tells a story.

This one is custom-made with watercolor! What a keepsake! 


I love this calendar date card.
Here's another calendar date one that's fairly inexpensive!

This would be really cool to do at your venue.

These would not be super cheap to ship, but boy, how fun!
I love these custom viewmaster wedding invitations!

These are smaller viewfinder favors you could share at the wedding!

Viewmaster Wedding Invitations (Images courtesy Etsy)

In reality, we went with very traditional invitations for our wedding.
It looked like a wedding invitation.
I'm not sure I would change anything with the invitations, except maybe I would hire someone to do the calligraphy or I would print up address labels.

Holy cow, I remember between studying for classes and taking tests I was watching Jerry Springer and addressing wedding invitations.

Did you send out save the date cards?
Would you change anything about your wedding invitations or do anything differently?
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ps-the downside of pinterest is that the original sources sometimes get lost.
I have done my best to link to the original source when I could.


Nicole said...

We did not do save the date cards but then we got married a jillion years ago too! Thinking of renewing our vows for our 30th (we just had our 25th) and I want to do them either at Cheney Stadium (home plate) since this is where we had our first date or at SafeCo Field...we will see. Baseball will definitely play a part in it all!

Craftcherry said...

Oh my goodness! Those RSVP cards are fantastic. My husband LOVES Madlibs, if we had seen those we certainly would have done that! I love those Still Do invites too. I have dreams of renewing our vows on a beach in Mexico where we honeymooned. Need to start saving :o)

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