garage sale finds friday-wedding edition Edition 48

Since we have been celebrating a Pinterest wedding do over this week, I thought it was fitting to have our normal garage sale finds Friday be a recap of garage sale finds that were used for a wedding.
This post originally was published September 14, 2012

This past weekend, we got to celebrate the marriage of a beautiful young couple at their outdoor county wedding.  The wedding was held at the groom's family home and the September weather could not have been more perfect for the evening!
Aren't they the most adorable couple ever?!!

I've spent the past few months helping Jessica's mom with some of the details of the wedding.
I've always thought that it's the details that make the wedding (or any event for that matter) a special event.
Many of the wedding details for Jessica and Tyler's wedding came from garage sales and many items were borrowed from friends and relatives.

I helped design some labels for the candy favor jars by using my silhouette software. I printed them off on adhesive paper that I found at a garage sale for fifty cents!  The jars were baby food jars with spray painted lids.  The spray paint was found in the clearance section at JoAnn's.

Ball jars were a huge part of the day, many of them were borrowed, most of them came from garage sales.
Some family friends made the cherry blossom centerpieces as their gift to the bride and groom.

The ball jars acted as place cards at the tables and drinking glasses for the evening.
I cut small labels on the silhouette machine and twine was wrapped around to secure each label.

I found a great website (wedding chicks) that offers many free customizable printables for weddings.
I printed up this photo booth sign for the bride and groom to use for their photo booth.

 Most of the props were from garage sales and thrift shops.
It was a lot of fun to stop for a picture with my little girl!

The weather was beautiful, but not all that clear.
On a clear day this is an amazing view of Mt. Rainier.
It's sort of like David you see it, now you don't!
This is the alter where Jessica and Tyler got married.
I was able to score the white bench for free at a garage sale, and they borrowed the various crates and lanterns from my house.  

Jessica made a beautiful bride in her custom gown, made for her by a friend in design school.

After the wedding, frames from garage sales made the perfect prop for wedding photos in the grassy field.

One of Jessica's friends went to culinary school and made the beautiful cupcakes for the reception.
The glassware and cupcake stand were mine from home, bought from garage sales.
I NEVER pass up clear or white serving wear at garage sales.
You never know when you need them, and they are always great to have on hand.

The flowers were purchased the morning of the wedding from the local farmers market.
What a great way to save some money and support a local farmer.

Isn't this window frame with chalkboard art great?
And candles floated in more garage sale glassware.

Jessica and her mom scored this cute table at a garage sale earlier in the summer, and the coke crates and vintage fan came from my house all garage sale finds.

Jessica and Tyler had a guest book table set up.
The thumbprint tree was made by the bride.
Guests were encouraged to put their thumb print in ink and add a leaf to the tree.

I'm pretty sure it's a good sign when there is a rainbow at your wedding.

As we were leaving the reception, this is the view we had from the road.
The white lights were all found at garage sales and lit up the night.
Such a beautiful sunset on a beautiful evening.

The groom's younger brother (as in, he's still in college) has a real talent for photography.
Here are a few of the pictures he took of the evening.

Congratulations Jessica and Tyler!
Thanks for letting us share your special day with you!

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I love those frame pictures! They add such a fun element to the photos.

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