Garage Sale Finds Friday Edition 54

Welcome to another week of garage sale finds Friday
where I share with you my favorite garage sale finds.
This week, everything I bought ended up at Persnickety's in Sumner, WA to be sold.
They are all things I love, but I just can't get my husband on board to let me go totally vintage in a room.

Up first I found this awesome set of matching suitcases.
I was so excited when I opened them and found not one, not two but three suitcases all nesting inside.
They were all in great shape and I got them for $5!
I was dropping some other stuff off at Persnickety's and I saw them walking out the door with a happy customer!

I found some really cool rustic antique tools at another garage sale for $1 each.
I think the big rake would be cool with pictures on it, and the smaller rake could be turned upside down and used as a picture hanger.

This wrought iron bed is to die for!
My daughter begged to keep it, and we did everything we could to see if we could make it work, 
but alas, my daughter is a hoarder, and she could not part with the three storage drawers underneath her current bed.
I paid $25 for it.

I wouldn't trust this ladder to hold my weight, but it would be really cool leaning up against a wall holding a vintage quilt collection, or hanging from a ceiling.
It was $5 and I thought I had a major score!

The garage sales are slowing down, so our weekly fun is going to start tapering off.
I know I am already dying for May when the sales start again!
Are garage sales still happening in your neck of the woods?
What did you find?


Craftcherry said...

I LOVE those suitcases! What a fantastic find!

Claire said...

I love that bed! I am so sad that the garage sales are becoming few and far between as the season wraps up.

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