Nerf target practice birthday party

My youngest son turned 8 in August.
Yes, I'm a little late sharing the party,
but it took me some time to recover!

Only kidding!

Eight is a right of passage for our kids.
When you turn 8 you can finally have sleepovers with your friends.
All three kids have celebrated their 8th birthday with a sleepover party.

Outside of just having a sleepover, Owen wasn't too particular about what he wanted to do
but Mom knew with 6 boys over we needed to have some plan of action to keep them entertained!

The party started at 4 and around 2:30, I decided we should set up nerf target practice.
You can find inexpensive Nerf guns or have the kids bring their own.
Consider providing the bullets for everyone. Those are too hard to keep track of.

nerf birthday party target practice

Thankfully, I had a few helpers!
I recruited my younger two kids to cut up targets and place them around the house.

That morning, I found a hula hoop at a garage sale for a quarter.
I quickly hung three ping pong balls from the edge and put several strings 
through the balcony in our front entry.
I hung balloons from strings all throughout the house.

Nerf birthday party target practice

 I stacked cups on a step stool in the corner

Looks like a party!

The final touch was this tissue paper nerf target that I made with an old frame, tissue paper and paper plates

Nerf birthday party

I started with a paper plate

I cut the center out of the paper plate.
It isn't pretty, but it doesn't have to be.
I cut squares out of tissue paper that would fit behind the plate and taped them in place.

Your plate is ready for target practice!

I used a hole punch and string to secure the plate in the frame.
I placed extra tissue paper and tape so the kids could easily change out the targets once they hit them out.

We had a great time!
6 weeks later, I am still finding nerf bullets all around!

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