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Hi! I'm Kristin and I blog at Enjoying Life's Simple Things where I share my life with this man, my crafts, and our adventures in West Virginia. 

I love having a wreath on my door for every season, but I rarely sit down to make them, so I decided to make fifteen wreaths in fifteen weeks in order to motivate me to actually complete them.  This is week three and I wanted to share the tutorial here.

I like to sew, but I like to collect sewing things even more.  I am a sucker for a cute needle book or vintage sewing material and I thought a spool wreath would be a good addition to my collection.

           Some of my favorite needle books and pattern

 I was really blessed that I got some of my great-grandma's wooden spools and my grandma collected the others so I didn't have to purchase a single spool.  I have seen them at just about every antique store I've been in, but it means so much more to me to have a wreath made from materials my quilter-great-grandma kept. If you don't want to buy all vintage spools, I saw that Hobby Lobby carries new ones that you could make this with. 

I started out with about 100 spools for a 12-inch wreath.  The first thing I did was take the colors of thread off that I didn't like.  Then, I covered the bare ones with embroidery thread I had leftover from my cool high school days of making friendship bracelets.

After what felt like a hundred hours, I had all of the spools covered in colors of thread that I liked.  I then cut up a light color of fabric and covered the wire wreath form, gluing it periodically. 

Once the form was covered, I glued the spools onto the form.  The more I stacked the spools and leaned them on each other, the better.  I didn't try to make a pattern, just glued them randomly.


Finally, I made a ribbon out of wired burlap and added it to my sewing decorations.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial as well as the other crafts on my blog!
Thank you so much Rachel for the opportunity to guest post!

Oh my goodness!  I just die a little looking at that wooden spool wreath.  I love it!
I am a sucker for wreaths myself, so I love the challenge that Kristen gave herself.
Thank you so much for sharing Kristen.
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