I kissed one of the contestants on Dancing With The Stars. Are you jealous????

I Kissed Bill Nye the Science Guy

I don't watch Dancing with the Stars, 
but I know tons of you are addicted to the show.
I recently heard the new line up of contestants and had to brag just a little bit.
I have kissed one of the contestants.
Yep, you heard that right.
I kissed him.
I kissed Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Now before I show you photo proof, let me take a second to tell you about how this kiss happened.
My dad worked for several years in Santa Ana, CA about 10 minutes from the happiest place on Earth.

While we were down visiting my Dad {and Mickey},
we took a little break in our five day park hopper tickets, 
to go to the Science Center where Bill Nye happened to be signing autographs for his new book.
The year was 2005.
I had just birthed my third baby ten weeks prior.
We paid $25 for an overpriced book on germs and stood in line for three hours with three kids in tow.
I remember being at the end of my rope with patience.
One of my good friends was an 8th grade science teacher {before kids}
and she sort of had a little crush on Bill Nye the science guy.
So, after my oldest son
{isn't he adorable?!}
got an autograph in his new germ book,

I told Bill Nye the Science Guy
{yes, it is required to use all 5 names when referencing him}
that I wanted to give him a kiss to make my friend jealous.

Bill warned me that I would have to really pucker up to make the kiss obvious,
{he's obviously more of a professional than I am!}
Despite his advice 
{and the wet spot from baby drool on my shoulder}
I attempted to plant a big one on his head.

So it really just looks like I'm sniffing his hair,
but the intention was to lay a good one on him
and make my friend Jen jealous!
It didn't work.
But, that is the story of how I kissed one of the contestants on Dancing With the Stars.


Anderson Family said...

Jealous? Yes...you know I am. I still have that autograph!

Carolyn said...

I am totally jealous too! I love him, he is awesome! (I'm kinda a science nerd :) )

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