Rethinking the ceiling fan

I live in the Pacific Northwest but grew up in Indiana.
It was unheard of to not have air conditioning in the Midwest.
Every house I lived in had air conditioning.
That is, until I moved out West.
I've heard it said that less than 1% of the houses in the Seattle area have air conditioning.
The weather is so mild you rarely need it but a few weeks out of the year.
However, during those few weeks, I long for air conditioning.
I hate to be hot when I sleep.
I need moving air and since we aren't footing the bill for air conditioning in the near future
{though I would be happy to install it if someone wanted to give it to me}
I decided to rethink ceiling fans.
Over the past few decades ceiling fans have gotten a bad rap.
We all remember the nasty lattice filled ceiling fans with faux wood and brass.
I'm with ya.
Let's rid the world of all of these!
ugly ceiling fan
But a few bad apples can't spoil the whole bunch now can it?
There has to be some designer who has listened through the years, 
understands the merits of a ceiling fan
and has paired it with not only a functional design, but one that is ascetically pleasing.
So today, as I start to come around to the idea of installing a ceiling fan in our master bedroom
let's peruse the internet together in hopes that there is something better than a lattice fan.
You barely notice the ceiling fan in this room right?
It fits so well into the clean lines of the decor.
But it may just be a little too industrial for my master bedroom.
Love the ceiling fan
I've never seen something more awesome than this windmill fan!
Seriously thinking about selling my house and moving into an loft with exposed brick 
just so I can have it.

This fan is pretty darn cool looking too.
Less industrial but still more modern than my craftsman style house.

Here we go.
Moving more in to the traditional style.
Less bronze, more silver.
Ceiling Fans
Look at this gorgeous room in House Beautiful.
I love how the blades of the fan match the plank ceiling.
Plus also I love the deer head cuz I sort of have an obsession.
Starting to think that a fan without the ugly light may be the way to go.

I like how this fan blends right in to the room.
So it seems, not all ceiling fans are ugly.
Don't get me wrong, you can still buy your fair share of ugly ceiling fans,
but on the whole, it seems like they are starting to come around.
I'm sold.
Get me a ceiling fan stat!

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DownTheLaneWithDaisy said...

We have fans in every room and love them. It really makes the different between turning on the air and sweating. It also gives a romantic feel back to times when things were a little slower. It's just enough.

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