Easy zipper bracelet tutorial

I'm a bit of a craft supply hoarder.
I see supplies at garage sales and have a hard time passing them up,
however, sometimes those supplies sit for years before I do anything with them.
I finally figured out what to do with the zippers that I have been holding on to for at least two years and I actually love the end result!
I made those zippers into zipper bracelets!

This is my stash of zippers.
Most of them are vintage.
I bought them in bulk for less than ten cents a piece.

These 7 inch jean zippers ended up being my favorite kind of zipper to use.
I love how thick the zipper was and the brass was pretty awesome too.

Besides the zippers,
here are the supplies that you will need.
It wouldn't hurt to have some needle and round nose pliers.

 Start by cutting the ends off of your zipper.

Next cut as close as you can to the zipper and cut off the side material.

Once that is done, I seal my fabric seams over a candle.
Be careful!
Your zipper will be hot!

Use a cupchain to secure the end of your zipper.
You can also use a dot of hot glue to hold the end in place in your cupchain.

Slide on a jump ring, your charm and your clasp.

Close your jump ring with your pliers.

Your clasp can hook to the hole in your zipper end.
Pretty fancy right?!

You can layer your bracelets for even more awesomeness!

Because I got such a great deal on my zippers,
these bracelets cost me next to nothing to make.
What is your favorite craft supply that you hoard?

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Unknown said...

Love this! Makes me want to run to the fabric storeÜ I suppose I could use a zipper from an old pair of jeans too!

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