Garage Sale Finds Friday Edition 56

Welcome back to another week of garage sale finds Friday.
Where I share with you my favorite garage sale finds.
This past weekend was super busy.
I only managed to make it to one garage sale,
but really,
that's all it took!
While Owen's new vintage airplane room is finished,
I can't seem to manage to not keep finding cool stuff to add to it.
The one garage sale I stopped at landed me at a retired US Air Force fighter pilot's house.
He had some cool old airplane stuff that I knew Owen would love.
So much cool stuff, that the guy really wanted to hang on to most of his stuff and I was priced out,
but I did manage to buy a few items.
I got this B-52 model that is the same airplane as I used in my vintage airplane blueprint canvas.
I paid $7 of the model airplane.
correction-I said that the model was a B-29 but it is's a B-52. Far different than the airplane on the canvas though if you were to ask me to spot the differences, I could not tell you.  I am writing this to inform you, my dear reader, that my husband informed me that I was wrong and that my readers {namely him} care.  Though I don't know why I bother since he won't actually follow my blog but instead just sends me random blog corrections.  So there you have it.  The plane below is a B-52 and it makes precious little difference to my current life situation.

 Owen is running out of wall space, but this Pacific Northwest Flyer picture from 1920 was too cool to pass up.  The picture was $3.

I really liked this old military file drawer and paid $5 for it.

And finally this old Post office box was just the right red, and it's a cool place to hide secret messages.
I paid $5 for it.
Definitely some cool additions to a vintage bedroom don't you think?
What did you pick up this week?

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kelli said...

Ah, true love in cyberspace... (the random blog corrections)! I would love to know how you find your garage sales. Do you have a source to look them up or just head out looking?

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