Garage Sale Finds Friday Edition 55

I am so excited that garage sale season is returning!
For the past few years,
I have been taking every Friday during garage sale season
{usually May-September}
to share with you my favorite garage sale finds.
Here are a few of my favorite finds from this week.

I found this silver {plated} pitcher for $5.
It needs shined up, but it's got a beautiful shape don't you think?

I was drawn to this package by it's beautiful blue ribbon and was so excited to find a full roll of this vintage decorative tissue like paper inside.
I was even more thrilled when I found that it was only a quarter!

I have an obsession with Hymnals and old Bibles.
This Hymnal is smaller than a regular book, but the papers are in great condition.
As you can see, I paid a quarter for it.

I also picked up two vintage wooden yard sticks. 
I paid a quarter for each of them and am excited to use them in a craft.
I think I had some pretty awesome scores this week.
What did you find?


Erin said...

Super excited these posts are back! Haven't been to a sale yet but plan to soon!

Trish said...

I love the pitcher! We haven't been out to any sales yet this year. Winter refused to leave us so not a lot of people were having them, but I saw a TON while were out today. It hurt me that I couldn't stop at any of them ;-)

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