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In August, I have the opportunity to travel to Africa to visit a small village called Buliisa.
Buliisa is a rural area in Uganda that has over 70,000 people spread out in an area the size of Western Washington.
For the past three years, our family has sponsored a little boy through World Vision named Moses.
Moses is nearly the same age as my youngest son, and comes from a family of five, just like us.
Except that's where the similarities seem to end.
Moses family struggles to provide even the basic necessities.
Every day, Moses has to help his family carry water.
Water that usually isn't clean and can make him and his family sick.
My youngest son took a bath today.
In fact he snorkeled in my bathtub.
A bathtub full of clean water that Moses and his family would have been happy to have to drink!
And yet we filled it up and drained it out not even an hour later.
On May 10, our family has the opportunity to participate in the Walk for Water.
An event meant to bring awareness to the daunting task of collecting water.

 Clean water can cut a communities child mortality rate in half.  It means food for families whose crops are failing due to drought.  It saves livestock.  It gives parents a powerful way to improve the health, hygiene and well being of their children and enable them to reach their God-given potential.

If you are local, please come join us!
Event registration starts at 9:30 and the 5k fun run, with walk immediately following starts at 10.
You can meet us at Marine Park on Ruston Way in Tacoma.
The event is free!

Our family is accepting donations for our walk.
Our goal is to raise $250.
Enough money to bring water and sanitation to five people and change their lives forever!
You can donate here
Every dollar counts!
I promise to share pictures of the children and families in Buliisa, Uganda that are the recipients of your donation.
Please consider helping to donate.
And if you come out on the 10th, come find me!
I would love to meet you!

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