Documentaries that will open your mind and empower change

I just spent two weeks away from my family having some amazing life changing experiences.
First, I spent time in rural Uganda with World Vision
where we had the opportunity to see the good work that is happening in the community that our church has partnered with on the other side of the world.
Then, some of the team flew to Kenya to the Masai Mara where we spent time on safari.
You can read and see pictures from my safari here and here.
Both of these experiences were opportunities that I have dreamed about my whole life and I was thankful to have the chance to get to actually experience them in the most wonderful way.
When you go on a trip of a lifetime, the only thing that would make it better would be if you had the people that you love there with you experiencing the same thing that you are experiencing.
Thanks to the wonders of video and Netflix
{thank you baby Jesus for Netflix}
I have the opportunity to give a glimpse into some of the culture and wildlife
 that I was able to experience while on my trip and I am able to dig deeper into some of the issues that are facing the people that I grew to love.
Netflix offers an Animal Planet series called Safari that takes an inside look at South Africa's diverse animal species.  And while it isn't the same as being on that Land Cruiser with me in the Mara, it does a pretty good job of painting the picture of what safari really looks like.
I had some amazing experiences getting to see how the people in Uganda live
and my heart will never be the same.
The following titles are available on Netflix and I am looking forward to seeing some inside glimpses into other people's experiences in Uganda and what they are doing to spread the love of Jesus.

Women around the world lack basic health care and nutrition and it places not only the mother in danger, it places the newborn in danger as well.
No Woman No Cry is a documentary that looks at maternal mortality around the world.
These were issues we saw being addressed by World Vision in Buliisa, Uganda, and while things aren't perfect, there is hope.

I added Madonna's documentary I Am Because We Are to my cue because many of the same problems the African country of Malawi faces are similar to those facing millions of children, including the precious children  from Buliisa, whose faces will be forever ingrained in my mind.

Half the Sky is a documentary filmed in 10 countries that introduces us to women who are struggling in the most difficult circumstances imaginable.
It is only by the grace of God that I was born a woman in America, but I long to know how I can relate and take a moment to walk a mile in another woman's shoes.

Netflix offers many more documentaries that will empower and change you, these are just a few of the titles that I put at the top of my list to watch so that I don't forget about the needs half way around the world.

Have you ever watched a documentary that has changed you?
disclaimer: I am part of Netflix stream team and receive free streaming. My opinions are 100% my own.

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