Christmas tree with Mica snow in a jar

Welcome back to day three of six days of handmade ornaments. I've been showing you easy and inexpensive ornaments that I have made this holiday season.  

Today's ornament is more about show and tell, and less about full tutorial. Mostly because nearly everything for this ornament was bought at a garage sale. Though hopefully it will inspire you.

Over the summer I bought this box of jars for $5. I shared them with you on a recent garage sale finds Friday. I am always trying to use what I have, and I remembered that I had these jars on hand, so I took them out.

I also had some Mica snow that I bought in a jar at a garage sale. Why not fill a jar with snow I thought? So I did.

I am obsessed with mini sisal trees and had some on hand.  My kids were actually the ones who tried to shove them down into the jar of snow. And it worked!

These jars with snow and a tree sat on my counter for a week while I tried to think of a way to secure the top. When I was unpacking Christmas boxes my husband suggested using the tops to broken ornaments to secure them. It worked!

I just love how these little glass jar tree ornaments turned out. You just never know what you will have on hand to make your next Christmas ornament!

Stay tuned tomorrow for more mini sisal Christmas tree ornaments. I'm sure you will love them as much as I do!

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