Easy chalkboard art secret for those of us that aren't hand lettering artists

I'm a huge fan of chalkboards. I love the chalk art trend and wish that I could say that I was an expert chalk art hand letterer {I'm sure that's an actual thing...maybe} but alas, I am not.
However, I have learned how to fake it.  I shared with you a tutorial several years ago and then got slapped with a lovely copyright infringement notice and well, in the end, I took my tutorial down. Earlier this year, I redid the tutorial {with images that I am pretty sure are safe} and what better time to revisit chalk art than right before the holidays.
With the exception of the Washington state cut out, all of these are frames that I found at local garage sales. I had my husband cut down pieces of scrap boards that we had and then I painted them with a few coats of chalkboard paint. 

I have tried a few different chalk pens, but my favorite by far has been the American Crafts brand one from Target. It doesn't bleed and the ink comes out consistently. I love it!

This frame is my favorite! It's old barn wood, so I thought I would put my favorite Christmas song in the frame, you know, since it's my favorite and all.

This wood cut out was bought for $6 at our local Art Co craft store. I simply painted a few coats of chalkboard paint and then wrote home sweet home on it.

I have a tendency to rush and go and always stay busy, so I like the gentle reminder that this verse gives to just be still. It's in a vintage gold frame that I muted with some white paint that was dry brushed on.

Remember my favorite Christmas song? Well, I thought this line needed it's own framed chalk art. I actually don't enjoy Christmas songs. Which is funny, because I love everything Christmas. I think that after 37 years in the church, the songs that we sing over and over have pretty much just become songs that I know by heart and just sing to sing. I don't focus on the words {be still much Rachel?} and so in the past few years as my disdain for Christmas songs got worse, I started to be intentional about focusing on the words of the Christmas songs. This line stuck out to me last year almost like it was the first time I had heard it. Wow! Yep. It needed it's own chalk art sign.

Outside of a little hand cramping, I was able to create all of these signs in one evening. It doesn't take too much time and I think the end result looks pretty darn professional looking don't you think?
Don't let chalk art intimidate you. Give it a shot! You can find the full tutorial here.

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